Songs for Andrew Breitbart

I have never seen such general grief in the movement as I have over the death of Andrew Breitbart.

I don’t pretend to have known Andrew well – we met a couple of times and spoke on the phone several times.

One thing he did share with me though was his love of the music of New Zealand’s Finn brothers and their bands Split Enz and Crowded House.

Andrew saw Crowded House play in LA and he told me it was his all time favorite concert.

The Finn brothers came from a little North Island town called Te Awamutu – can you imagine how Andrew tried to pronounce that name?

Anyway, here are some Split Enz and Crowded House songs, as a tribute to brother Andrew.

RIP Mr/ Breitbart, you are deeply missed.


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6 thoughts on “Songs for Andrew Breitbart

  1. Trevor,

    I share you (& Breitbart’s) affection for Crowded House, Split Enz, and Neil Finn. I have been a fan since Neil penned “I Got You” and “Message to My Girl” back in the late 70’s. I love most of Crowded House’s work and I really enjoy Neil’s solo work post-CH. Great music — God bless New Zealand for giving the world such a wonderful songwriter!

  2. Thank you Trevor, Andrew will always be in our hearts and minds, he left us with his legendary fervor that will be our fuel for survival.

  3. i bought these groups LP’s in the 80’s but had no idea they were from New Zeeland.i always have wanted to visit NZ.this is just two more reasons.

  4. Thank you, Trevor. Those are such perfect songs for him. The first one made me cry; the third one made me cry. My husband and I were sitting in the hotel lobby with Andrew for a while the last night of CPAC 2012. He was a very happy, gregarious, life-loving person. Now we all are Breitbart.

  5. Trevor, Andrew empowered thousands of nobodys like me. He gave me my political backbone. For that I will be forever grateful, and he will be forever missed. IOwnTheWorld is doing a nice tribute by offering “Breitbart is Here” gravatars, printable signs, and t-shirts. I ordered my t-shirt today even though my work hours have been cut back once again. Best $20 I have spent in a long time.

  6. Trevor, the grief you see, and hear from a movement is one of true sorrow. Andrew, was a hero to all of us. He had the backbone .. to say what we all believed. He had courage, had no fear, and had a belief that we could right this ship called America .. As Beck said .. we must now ..produce a thousand patriots to take his place ..


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