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Obama “Hangs NSA Out to Dry” – Morale Suffering

Every American is much less safer today because of traitor Edward Snowden. From Russia Today: Morale at the US National Security Agency has plummeted since…

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“Analyst Says Anti-NSA Campaign Benefits America’s Enemies”

By Cliff Kincaid From Accuracy in Media Trevor Loudon, the author of a new book on socialist penetration of the Democratic party and the U.S….

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“Leaky” Leahy Grills NSA – When is Someone Going to Call this Guy Out?

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has been leading the charge to end the National Security Agency’s ability to collect and store communications metadata….

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Chinese Telecoms Giant Denies Spy Claims – Spokesman Hospitalized as Trousers Spontaneously Combust

Those calling for the NSA to be stripped of its limited powers to gather communications metadata, should be aware that Russia and China are both…

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“Anti-NSA Campaign Reaches Capitol Hill”

By Cliff Kincaid   With his official request for political asylum in Russia, NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s true colors are out in the open for…

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Will Russia Keep Snowden?

A Russian “Human Rights”  body, closely connected to President Putin, is urging that American NSA traitor Edward Snowden be given refuge by Moscow. From Russia…

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The U.S. Support Apparatus Behind NSA Traitor Snowden

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media If the NSA or the FBI wants to find fugitive Edward Snowden, who is apparently in hiding in Chinese…

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Snowden Case: Russia to Consider Asylum Request

Russia is considering political asylum for the NSA “whistleblower.” From Cliff Kincaid at America’s Survival: I can’t say I am surprised. The Guardian, which is…

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Is Edward Snowden a Chinese Agent?

The evidence indicates that the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may be a Chinese agent. From America’s Survival;   Read this interview with former CIA officer…

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GBTV: Collecting information

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB MRCTV If this doesn’t wake people up, I just don’t know what will. One of the most important segments you will…

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