Trevor Loudon, with Ginni Thomas, on Obama’s Foreign Policy and “Common Core”

From The Daily Caller

Trevor Loudon declared President Obama’s statecraft and foreign policy stances “brilliant” — when it comes to working for America’s rivals, that is.

“I think his statecraft is brilliant,” Loudon said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller. “But, you’ve got to realize which side he is on.”

Loudon delved into Obama’s notorious hot mic incident with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev about missile defense — the incident in which Obama said, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

“I understand,” Medvedev responded. “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

“What better indication of Obama’s loyalties can you have than that?” Loudon said.

Loudon said that for nations like New Zealand, the lack of a strong American foreign policy stance means that the geopolitical power balance in places like the Pacific is shifting, with China flexing its political will. As evidence, Loudon points to the fact that China, rather than America, is now training the Fijian military and displaying belligerence in the Pacific rim.

“A few months ago the Australian minister of defense was up in China for talks, and a top Chinese defense official said to him publicly, ‘Now is the time for Australia to choose, do you stay under American protection or do you come under Chinese protection? If you are smart, you will choose China, because we are the growing power in the region.’”

“He wouldn’t have been cocky enough to say that under a Bush or a Reagan or even under a Clinton,” Loudon continued, “but he’s cocky enough to say it now, because the bad guys of the world understand that your president loves them better than he loves your allies, and all of your allies, from Germany to Britain to Australia to Israel to South Korea to Taiwan are basically freaking out because they see this.”


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