Lifting The Ban On Gay Blood: Life And Death

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival

With the public focused on the holidays, the FDA has lifted the ban on gay blood. Where’s the coverage? What this means is that the five million Americans a year who receive blood transfusions could be exposed to the AIDS virus or other infections in the diseased blood of sexually active homosexuals. Do you or your loved ones want to die in order to advance the gay rights agenda? Watch this show to find out how to protect yourself.

Gay Blood


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1 thought on “Lifting The Ban On Gay Blood: Life And Death

  1. Blood from filthy Sodomites–especially Sodomite men–is a deliberate attempt to promote Sodomy as good and normal–and to promote disease in healthy people–those behind this wickedness–want to cause mass Sodomite disease among non Sodomites–otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

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