The Night Stalker Shows Her Poker Face
By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Cross-Posted at Right Wing News


Given the daunting challenges that we face, it’s important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. — Valerie Jarrett

And rule he has, just as a dictator would with Iranian born Valerie Jarrett controlling the narrative and actions of the federal government; both with a penchant for radical Islamic extremist groups and Marxists.

It is obvious to many of us that the whole government shutdown was preplanned. Collusion is the name of this game. Both sides of the aisle were involved. The former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, Ed Klein comes right out and says it. The plan was to force Obamacare on America and win votes to take over the House in 2014. Tsk, tsk… Marxists, be careful what you wish for. You have reawakened the Tea Party and they are coming:

Oh, and Senator Cruz basically made the Democrats fight for a whole bunch of things that they already had. And as for poll issues that sound just wrong, check out how David Pryor, Mark Begich and Mary “I’d vote for ObamaCare Again” Landrieu are doing lately. That’s three Red State Dem Senators with Lincoln Chafee 2006 re-election poll numbers.*

So obviously John McCain and Peter King both popped a vessel over what Senator Cruz did to the Republicans. John McCain wants Ted Cruz and Mike Lee held personally responsible for the government shutdown. According to him, elections have consequences. One only wishes he would have acted like it in 2008.

Peter King just about treats Ted Cruz the way he used to treat opponents of the War in Iraq. He claims Ted Cruz strengthened ObamaCare. Really? What he did was demonstrated in bold relief which members of both the GOP and the Democratic Party will most aggressively support it as it 404′s it’s way across cyberspace on it’s way to signing up 1.7% of the people it was intended to cover. The worse this rout becomes, the smarter Ted Cruz looks in comparison to John McCain and Peter King.

What just happened here was a wake-up call to the previously quiescent Tea Party. Red State Dems who champion ObamaCare and Republicans that are too weak such as Mitch McConnell are going to spend the entire time between now and November of 2014 running for their lives like a QB behind the Oakland Raiders’ Offensive Line. A whole bunch of Sunshine Conservatives now fear the fact that the Tea Party is now back. They are not happy campers. Things just got kicked up a notch. People can’t just pretend they are Conservative anymore. That explains the incoherent rage of John McCain and Peter King.

By caving to the Progressives, both sides have reinvigorated the Tea Party. This time, they won’t be silenced or stopped. Which brings us back to the infamous Night Stalker, Valerie Jarrett:

Klein wrote a critical biography about Obama last year called “The Amateur.” He said he interviewed more than a half dozen White House and former presidential advisers about the shutdown plan.

He called Jarret the “architect” of the strategy of refusing to negotiate with Republicans over Obamacare.

“She convinced the president that a government shutdown and default offered a great opportunity to demonize the Republicans and help the Democrats win back a majority in the House of Representatives in 2014,” he explained.

“Valerie also came with the idea of using the words ‘hostage,’ and ‘ransom’ and ‘terrorists’ against the Republicans,” Klein maintained.

He said Jarrett’s advice to Obama was, “[D]o not cooperate one iota on Obamacare. Don’t give an inch. Let the Republicans stew in their own juice.”

Klein added, “Republicans walked into a trap set up by Valerie Jarrett and President Obama.”

Klein is not alone. Louie Gohmert says that on the eve of the shutdown, Obama already had barricades and cones up.

“They had worked out in advance they were closing these things down.” — Louie Gohmert

America is fighting against her own government, comprised of stone-cold Marxists who will do anything to retain power. Rush Limbaugh is right, it does feel like we have lost to a communist country. Only it was a coup from The Enemies Within. The Night Stalker is showing her poker face and the Progressives are planning on staying – permanently.


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9 thoughts on “The Night Stalker Shows Her Poker Face

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    1. I will help you identify the enemy. First, every Democrat who claims to be a Progressive, a Liberal, a Socialist, or a Communist is an active enemy or one who will give aid and assistance to your enemies. Second, every Republican who is a Conservative on “show votes” that do nothing but caves in when their vote really would count. Third, every Republican who fights or bad-mouths the Tea Party, which really isn’t a party at all, but just represents grass-root people who want sanity in spending and enforcement of the Constitution. Fourth, the people running the Federal Reserve System and whoever would resist making the Fed accountable to Congress, who would resist printing unsecured debt or currency, who would resist a goal of going back to the Gold Standard as soon as possible. All of these people must be defeated and removed from all levers of political and community power or influence. How is that for starters.

  2. I like the implication regarding the shutdown. But why you had to bring up my Raiders’ porous o-line? Last Sunday 4 of 5 starters were out with injuries. And that lone starter is a guard that moved to center.

  3. From on who was ready give up……the sight of treasonous and slanderous creeps like McCain and King and Watching the self anointed King ODUMBO tell all of us who we need to heed has lit a new fire under me to see these no-goods defeated! Job 1- STOP AMNESTY!

  4. Imagine the media outrage if Bush had an Iranian born communist whipering in his ear and quoted as telling us he was going to have to “rule”. Where is the media and why have they given up their constitutional responsibility to question authority and tell us what is happening in our government?

    1. Forget conspiracies, this is going on in every country of the world, hence NWO. No disrespect to my Jewish friends, but read this anti-Semitic book “The 24 Protocols” Everything is happening as foretold in this book. The NWO is enacting this book and if you read it, it will be like reading the last 12 months newspapers. It is so accurate, just look at Europe!!!

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