NSA “Leaker” Snowden to Join KGB Veterans Group

From Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage News:


Because he’s an American patriot. And nothing says patriotism like trying to join the KGB.

True patriots who defect to an enemy country that has less human rights than the worst state in America don’t let little facts like that get in the way of their patriotism.

And who are we to question the patriotism of a Hanoi John Kerry or an Edward “Kremlin” Snowden?

Edward Snowden has applied to join a group of former Russian intelligence and security officials, according to the group’s director.

Participation in a union of former KGB security, intelligence, and police officials, would likely change Snowden’s status from that of a whistleblower seeking to expose wrongdoing, to an intelligence defector who has changed sides.

Alexei Lobarev, chairman of the group called “Veterans of the Siloviki”—literally “men of power”—told a Russian news outlet on Monday that Snowden, who has been staying in a Moscow airport transit lounge for a month, applied for membership in the group.

Kenneth deGraffenreid, former National Security Council staff intelligence director, said Snowden’s embrace by former KGB officials is a sign the former contractor is being used as a pawn in an international program of “active measures,” political operations aimed at harming the United States.

DeGraffenreid said Snowden, along with Army Pfc. Bradley Manning who was charged with leaking secrets to WikiLeaks, are part of a global anti-American network “that runs from Russia, to China to Iran to Venezuela to WikiLeaks and the European Union – all of whom want to do ill toward the United States.”

Lobarev, head of the former intelligence officers’ group, told Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, a member of the Russian government’s President’s Human Rights Council, in a July 18 letter that Snowden formally sought membership in the group, according to the Russian business publication RBK Daily.

According to the report “veteran siloviki” want to recognize Snowden as a “colleague” who formerly worked in intelligence.

As discussed previously, Anatoly Kucherena is an FSB stooge who supports every type of censorship Putin can think of. The FSB is the successor to the KGB.

Snowden is deep in bed with an enemy intelligence agency. The technical term for that is spy. Or traitor. Or in Paulland, patriot.


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    1. Could easily be a ploy to get one of our own into thier midist to plant our spying devices in thier networks

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