Communist Party Will Work With Democrats (and “Moderate Republicans”) to Give GOP a “Licking” in 2014 – A Lesson for the Tea Party


Sam Webb, Chair of the Communist Party USA wants to give the GOP a “Licking” in 2014 and its going to work even more closely with the Democrats to do it.

In his latest message to the Party faithful: “Ingredients for a movement that can transform our country,” Webb outlined Communist Party objectives for the near future.

Speaking of the broad “progressive” alliance with the Communist Party at its center Webb said:

Contrary to what some on the left think, the starting point of transformative politics isn’t political desires and wish list, but a sober and concrete assessment of the balance of class and social forces on the ground, not least of which is the political consciousness of the majority of working-class people and what they are ready to fight for.

How do we accelerate this transition from a movement with transformative potential to a movement with transformative power and capacity?

…a movement with transformative hopes must be up to its ears in the struggle for jobs, a higher minimum wage, immigration reform, gun control, infrastructure renewal, abortion rights, protecting the climate, preserving earned-benefit programs, marriage equality, voting rights, saving public education, reversing the sequester, winning a federal budget favoring people’s needs, cutting the military budget, and many more issues at the federal, state and local level.

It should also be an energetic part of the struggle to give the Republican Party a licking in next year’s congressional elections. Defeating right-wing extremist candidates is the key link in moving the whole chain of struggle forward. It will take an expansive coalition of voters, including independents, centrists and even some moderate Republicans.

To some on the far left, even the Democrats seem too moderate, but the Communist Party understands that victory is impossible without using the Dems (at least temporarily) to push their agenda.

...the Democratic Party has been a necessary, albeit inconsistent, component (at this stage of struggle) of the broad “small d” democratic coalition blocking the imposition of some of the worst features of the extreme right’s agenda, not to mention its more ambitious effort to gain unchallenged dominance over the federal government, thereby enabling the right to impose an authoritarian and austere form of capitalism on the American people.

Moreover, since 2008 the Obama administration has advanced many positive reform initiatives which the movement would be foolish not to welcome and support – the latest of which is the administration’s efforts to curb carbon emissions.

Finally, the mass base of the Democratic Party includes major sections of the people’s movement and a substantial layer of progressive elected representatives who, while not completely happy with the centrist positions of its top leaders, are still not ready to bid goodbye and join a new political/electoral party.

In these circumstances, it would be foolhardy to refuse in advance to cooperate with the Democratic Party as a whole or sections of it under any conditions. That would be a prescription for marginalization.

This lesson should not be lost on the Tea Party, which should seek to be to the GOP what the Communists are to the Democrats.

The Communists understand that they should not abandon the Democrats to pursue a more pure Marxist-Leninist agenda. Using the Democrats may be frustrating, but it magnifies communist influence exponentially. One day it may be opportune to found a new broad based leftist party – but not now.

Likewise the Tea Party should not be abandoning the GOP right now, but should be aggressively and overtly taking it over. The Communist Party, a few thousand strong at most, can effectively dictate terms to the Democrats in many areas of the country. Nationally, Democrat policy is actually now mostly Communist Party policy.

Learn from the enemy my patriotic friends. Don’t marginalize yourself, or your opponents will surely win.

Use the GOP to advance YOUR agenda. Success is not guaranteed if you do, but failure is guaranteed if you do not.

And there’s a lot more of you, than there is of them.

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34 thoughts on “Communist Party Will Work With Democrats (and “Moderate Republicans”) to Give GOP a “Licking” in 2014 – A Lesson for the Tea Party

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  3. “In Soviet Union we do not call them liberals. We call them communists.” – Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

    If anybody would know, it would be this guy.

    1. Amen.

      “Progressives” and “liberals” are the words the communists came up with to call themselves so as not to call themselves communists and scare some people off. It serves to fool the stupid. They are neither liberals nor do they stand for progress.

  4. So Communists want us to be like Cuba,Russia,Venzuela etc. I was in the Korean War. North Korea starves and lives on Dogs. So take your Commuinist Bull Shit and leave us achievers alone.

  5. These people should be subjected to live in Communist countries first for 5 years. Ignorance. Blind leading the blind. Communism is lead by selfish elitists whom relish is race, class warfare, poverty of it’s people, and tyrannical behavior. There is no freedom or choice, there is no balance of social’s a flat out lie. I lived in a communist country, never give up your freedom, or your firearms. The only choice you will have if you do is escape or death or poverty.

    1. You are absolutely right.

      But I don’t think these people are acting as they are because they are blind. These are “true believers” (even thought they are selfish, envious, spiteful elitists with disguised inferiority complexes which leads them to seek power over others in order to prove their that their own worthless selves are something). That’s precisely the problem. And if they were to live in a communist country, they would be accepted as part of the communist “bosses” because that is what they are communists – or more clearly, socialist fascists.

      But again, YOU are right. If we give up our rights, our only choices will be death, eternal poverty or escape. That is what history should have taught us, if we were paying attention.

  6. now more then every we have to push back…awake the sleeping giant.
    before all is lost.

    muslims need to go.
    borders need to be secured.
    foreign aid needs to be scaled back.
    Out of the UN.

    1. What if the “sleeping giant” has overdosed on sleeping pills? Or what if he has shrunk to only a former shadow of himself? I’m not sure we can count on this option.

  7. “Likewise the Tea Party should not being abandoning the GOP right now, but should be aggressively and overtly taking it over. … Don’t marginalize yourself, or your opponents will surely win. Use the GOP to advance YOUR agenda. Success is not guaranteed if you do, but failure is guaranteed if you do not.”

    Go *tell* that to the Party Bosses promoting Christie, Rubio, Jeb Bush.
    Go *tell* them that “We The Numerous” have the power.
    That and $1.65 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

    I’m willing to vote GOP in 2014 *ONLY* to stop the Marxist takeover of the House. One second after that election, THE GOP IS DEAD TO ME. WE NEED A NEW PARTY RIGHT NOW!

    1. You’ve got the concept right. We are now voting for a slightly less bad option when we vote for the GOP. Just listening to the legislative wimps who haven’t got the “bahgoombahs” to respond to the socialist fascist democrats like they deserve is evidence enough to prove your point.

  8. Is this some kind of joke, because who in their right mind will vote for a hitler regime,, oooopppppppppsssss! we already have one.

  9. If anybody had told me that our country would be taken over by communists, I would have laughed at them. Well, the laughs on me. I’m 61 and I have been so depressed with what’s going on, I can’t hardly stand it.

    Last November on election night when Ovomit got re-elected(stole the election)my heart broke. It was almost like I could literally feel my country gasp at the shock. I literally could feel my country dieing. Call me crazy if you want but I felt something in the core of my being. I knew that night my country as a Republic started to die. I cried and cried and cried. I still cry.

    Ladies and gentlemen unless we get out and start now to talk to people and work HARD and UNCEASENLY to stop this communist takeover, our Republic will be dead on arrival at the 2014 elections.

    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA. Keep up the good fight fellow patriots. NEVER GIVE UP.

      1. “We” didn’t topple the USSR. They did it themselves. We tried to help the process along. But that was a long time ago, when we still had leaders in this country… and the economic power and respect at the international level. Today we are the equivalent of what the USSR was then: an economically bankrupt, bloated bureaucracy talking “freedom” out the side of its mouth while increasingly repressing its citizenry… all while we violate our own Constitution with impunity.

        Communists (socialist fascists) control the executive branch. Communists (socialist fascists)control the Supreme Court. Communists (socialist fascists)control the Senate. And wimps (with few exceptions) who are unwilling to call a spade a spade are barely in control of the House of Representatives.

        Is THIS what we have to “hang in there” for?

        Sorry. The Jews in NAZI Germany “hung in there” in the 30’s. It cost them 6 million killed. The Kulaks (small farm owners) in Russia “hung in there” with Stalin. It cost them about 7 million killed (but Stalin was better at controlling his publicity and propaganda, with the help of stupid US journalists).

        Again, an with all due respect, Sorry…I don’t buy your “hang in there” option.

    1. You are not alone in feeling this way! Allot of us feel the same way about Obama getting re-elected. It is hard to believe how there can be so many people who do not know what is going on in our Country now. Do not give up, I will not. God Bless America and our men who have fought for her!

  10. Anyone who claims to be a Communist should be detoured right out of our Country. People better wake the hell up and figure out for themselves what is going down .

  11. It upsets me to no end to see this happening in the USA.In my 64 years living in this country I never would have beleived it.All freedom loving Americans need to come out in FULL FORCE in 2014 and overwhelm these TRAITORS!Sitting on your ass is no lnger an option!

    1. You know that is never gonna happen….

      There are too many diversions, texting, television, video games, sports, reality shows.

      The list is endless. And all the media are pro’s at confusion, disinformation, causing mass confusion.

      I see in my own daughter how the media uses all those tools to warp our children, break up families, and create a “Death Culture”

      I feel the negative people have all organized, recruited to their ranks, and systematiacally invaded our schools, media, courts, and Public Office.

      Have these people created anything positive?

      It is all doom and gloom, with no hope….

      The drugging of our children. By the way, these children will never recover, they are ruined for life. Done all by design by these “Death Culture” warriors!

      Call it what you want, the devil, satan. It does not matter what you call it. These are the people who in the old days were locked up for life, to save our society.

      Now these people have used drugs, legal-illegal. To rewire the masses brains. And add to their negative death culture…

      Their ranks have swelled to become a huge part of our world, a large part on government assistance…

      These people are easily angered, easily violent, and cunning. Think of allowing a hard-core junkie drug addict into your home..They don’t get their drug money by holding a job..They steal, rob, murder for their drug.

      Bet you never thought about it that way?

      1. Sheer numbers don’t guarantee anything. In its heyday, the membership of the communist party in the Soviet Union was only 3% [YES, THREE Percent]of the population… but they ran the show. There may be more “We the People” folks, but they are off watching football games and involved in other every-day activities. Many are not even remotely aware of the political and philosophical issues involved… and don’t care. You see it on election day: almost half the people in the country don’t even show up to vote.

        So – yes – the misguided are the minority. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Especially if they are well organized, control different organizations and manipulate or intimidate people. Again, the Soviet Union should have taught us that.

        So don’t rely on the numbers game. Don’t even hope or bet based on the numbers game. The odds are horribly against you.

  12. Never in my 71 years did would I ever believe I would see this. The eyes of All people must be opened. Lest we humble ourselves, and return to God we are going to see more blessings removed from the United States of America…..Land That I Love, and Pray for daily. I heart talk, talk, talk, but see nothing happening, and don’t understand it. Those in higher places must come together for the good of the people who elected them First they turn to God for guidance, and then get a stiff spine, and take a stand for “right”. With God on their side, and the citizens who believes, America can, and will return to what she once was !!! Right now, there is “mass confusion” on every hand. May God have Mercy on America !!! (check out to see what can happen to a country with “mass confusion”.)

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