Walmart Sues Texas Communist – Will His Democrat Friends Come to His Aid?

Walmart is suing well known Texas communist Gene Lantz.


Recently, Walmart served papers on Gene Lantz, a retired Texas union activist, the United Food and Commercial Workers, pro-union Walmart staff support group OUR Walmart and Jobs with Justice, for civil trespassing for crossing their parking lots.

Walmart wants the groups to be permanently restrained from trespassing on Walmart property in Texas for unlawful activities. Since March, five similar lawsuits have been filed by Walmart in other states.

Gene Lantz has also been making videos of public officials supporting Walmart workers and posting them on YouTube.

Houston based Lantz has been a fixture in the Texas left for decades. First with the Socialist Workers Party and the last 10 years or so, with the Communist Party USA. He was the founder of North Texas Jobs with Justice and President of the local affiliate of Alliance of Retired Americans – a union sponsored, leftist controlled grouping.

As with many Communist Party members, Lantz is involved with the Democratic Party and has cultivated close ties to many leading Houston area Democrats.

New Democratic Rep. for Texas’ 3rd District, Marc Veasey, calls Gene Lantz his “friend.” Veasey is known as a “progressive” and is a new member of the far left Congressional Black Caucus.

Gene Lantz, Marc Veasey, Elaine Lantz, and Leah Witherspoon, Feb. 20, 2013
Gene Lantz, Marc Veasey, Elaine Lantz, and Leah Witherspoon, Feb. 20, 2013

Gene Lantz is also close to local Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is herself close to the Communist Party and a big supporter of revolutionary Cuba.

Johnson is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the equally as radical Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Eddie Bernice Johnson, Marc Veasey, Gene Lantz, May 3, 2013,
Eddie Bernice Johnson, Marc Veasey, Gene Lantz, May 3, 2013

Gene Lantz is already mustering up union support to fight back.

It will be very interesting to see whether Reps Veasey and Johnson, or other leading Democrats, throw their support behind comrade Lantz.

Maybe even President Barack Obama will weigh in. After all the Communist Party does regard him as a “friend.” A comrade in need…


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7 thoughts on “Walmart Sues Texas Communist – Will His Democrat Friends Come to His Aid?

  1. Notice that Veasey and another of his “leftist pals” in Texas, Rep Joaquin Castro, don’t hold very many townhall meetings, if ever. But that’s typical of Socialists/Leftists/Marxists to not want to directly face or hear from the people they are suppose to be serving and whom pays their salaries. They have a guilty conscience and afraid to face people in their own districts. Probably because they know that the majority of Americans do not want their agenda that is behind some of the crappola they are trying to sell, such as the “Dream is Now” and “Infrastructure of Opportunity”.

  2. I pray Walmart continues with their legal action and achieves a victory over those who would subvert our Nation and seek to distort and destroy our Constitution and Laws. In Jesus’ name.

  3. There is something rotten in the USA today, We, Native Americans, were forced off of our ancestorial lands and have been wards of the Federal Government since. Suddenly you hear of someone like Gene Lantz, Known Communist who can sit here in this country make his speaches and is probable subsodised by the Government to carry out his agenda, paid for by good old american taxpayers, History tells us that communism will not work, My father, Native American, taught us about Hilter, Stalin and anyone else that was involved with communism to beware, It’s a ploy to enslave……”Our” elected officials need to stay away from these people, Find out who you are casting your vote for before you mark the ballot. One of his favorite saying was “Birds of a feather stick together”……..

    1. Hi! Hitler was NOT a communist. He was a Fascist, calling himself a National Socialist. You are right that he wanted to enslave the people,- the ones who were not pure Aryans, and all of those leaders you mentioned used “Communism” or “Socialism” to trick the people. Russia became like that because of the abuses of the upper class. The problem is that no matter what, it seems that the wealthy people want to keep their obscene riches and control the people below. They systematically make the poor work harder while they buy their 10th Villa around the world. This leads to the need for unionization, tax help, or when that doesn’t work, revolution. When the rich get too rich and powerful and don’t pay fair wages for the people who work for them,this is what happens. And when there is revolution, it usually leads to structures like Communism, which don’t really work out, because there are always greedy people at the top who rob the ones below them. I know there are many nice,philanthropic, honest, rich people, but many are rich because they hoard the wealth and got it from illegal means or inheritance. Vicious circle.

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