Chicago Socialists Reveal Small, But Significant Obama Connection

In recent years, the US’ largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America has done its best to obscure and minimize their long term and extensive ties to Barack Obama.


After all, with patriots up in arms over Obama’s socialism, they certainly didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. Not before an election anyway.

But now that their comrade is back in power and doesn’t have to face another election, secrecy isn’t quite so important.

The latest edition of Chicago DSA’s New Ground featured a story about the group’s 55th Annual Debs- Thomas-Harrington Dinner, the highlight of Chicago socialism’s social calendar.

Labor activist and writer Amy Dean, keynoted and awards went to activist and long-time Obama friend and supporter William McNary, the Chicago Teachers Union and Keith Kelleher, another old Obama collaborator and former SEIU leader.

DSAer Peg Strobel gave the award to Kelleher.

DSAer Peg Strobel. Keith Kelleher
Peg Strobel, Keith Kelleher

According to an article, Peg Strobel “included in her introduction of Keith Kelleher a much belated (from 2007) greeting from Barack Obama.”

Here it is, bottom right.

New Ground, No. 148, June 2013
New Ground, No. 148, June 2013

So why did DSA wait until now to mention this little message from Obama to the Marxists? In 2007, Obama was at best an outside chance for the presidency.

For a comprehensive review of Obama’s ties to the DSA Marxists, go here.


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3 thoughts on “Chicago Socialists Reveal Small, But Significant Obama Connection

  1. this is treason and Obama needs to be removed and charged with it. enough is enough with this un American moron.

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