Marxism in Education – The Infiltration of Our School Systems by the Common Core Standards

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


Today, I caught Glenn Beck on The Blaze and his excellent showcasing of Obama’s Common Core Standards that are now in 45 states, including my state of Idaho. Common Core is Marxism for children. It is state run propaganda and is meant to dumb down and control our little ones. It is evil and it has been a long time coming. Obama pushed it through slyly and quickly after coming into office, but I can tell you, this has been brewing since at least the 1990s.

A little background… When my children were in school in the 1990s, my husband and I requested to see the school curriculum for their school in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were refused and basically told we were too dumb to understand what the teachers were instructing our son and daughter in. The last straw came when they wanted to put my daughter in the second grade on Ritalin instead of disciplining her. I was pulled in front of four teachers and accused of not raising my daughter correctly, as well as basically being an abusive and stupid parent. I promptly told these teachers that they could pound sand and pulled our children (our son was in third grade at the time) out of school that very same day. I left the Fortune 500 and home schooled both of them till high school and in retrospect, should have kept them out even then. My children could not do the simplest of math or read when we pulled them out. I tested them and started them all over again with the ABEKA home schooling system, which at the time, cost a great deal of money. The children were tested by the state within a week of being pulled out and because they could not read or do math, the state threatened to remove our children, even though it was their damn lack of teaching that had produced this. Well, we knuckled down and by the end of the following year, both kids were excellent readers and were caught up in math. I never heard from the state again. My son went on to be a gifted software developer and although my daughter is still trying to find her way in the world, she is a talented artist and a survivor. Now on to the present matter at hand.

My friend and fellow blogger Michelle Malkin has done a set of four in-depth articles on reporting on the Common Core Standards as well as additional pieces providing more information. Her work is very well done. Before her write-ups, I would wager most parents had never heard of Common Core. There are now many teachers who are quitting and/or standing up against this Progressive travesty that is intent on corrupting our schools and students. Here are some videos explaining the Common Core Standards:

I will tell you that George Soros and the Tides Foundation along with other major Progressive organizations and the Obama Administration are behind all of this monstrosity. Gee, I’m sooo surprised. Educational policies are supposed to lie with the states, so the government coercing the states to carry the Common Core Standards violates the Constitution. The tracking database violates privacy at every turn as well. I strongly recommend you click on the links below and read what Michelle has written and fight to drive out the Common Core Standards from your state. While Obama took us from one emergency to the next, he was slipping in the back door to destroy our children who are the building blocks of the country. Get your children out of the public schools now and fight this at the state level. It is almost too late.

Michelle Malkin:


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11 thoughts on “Marxism in Education – The Infiltration of Our School Systems by the Common Core Standards

  1. I could hardly believe this story. This could be our family story. We too lived in Las Vegas in then 1990’s. When I remarried, my children were in grade school (1st, 5th, 6th grade) and were all 2-3 years behind. My 6th grader read at a 4th grade level and had math skills at a 2nd grade level. My 1st grader could not even sound out words. I was never given any indication from the school system that they were behind. I too was told my oldest and youngest were ADHD and needed Ritalin. My response was no they just needed discipline and “motivation”. (I did not put them on drugs.) After I remarried, we had the children tested and found they were approx. 2 years behind. At the end of that year, we pulled them out to home school. I too had to leave my job (government job).

    I also used Abeka curriculum and after repeating one year, they were caught up to their grade level. I had to educate my youngest from k-5 through 2nd grade material in one year. We kept them in Christian education throughout high school (some Christian schooled and some home schooled). All three graduated and went on to Pensacola Christian college. My oldest quit but later earned an AA, and the other two earned their Master’s from PCC.

    Amazing, how similar our stories are.

  2. I’m trying to shout this far and wide: Common Core is Agenda 21! It is a way of ensuring international scholastic standards of mediocrity and instilling communitarian values globally. Common Core is more than an unconstitutional national curriculum, it’s a way to DATA-MINE YOUR CHILDREN for corporations and the government (and that, by the way, is fascism)! See

    This is not a problem that will be left behind when your kids graduate from high school. Already in California, Common Core has come to your college: Another way they’re doing it is with something called “Linked Learning”.

    Why aren’t parents pulling their children out of school in droves? There needs to be an awareness campaign to inform people that, contrary to what we’ve been told, people do not need to be TAUGHT in order to LEARN! Heresy, I know, but it’s true. We CAN be taught, but it’s not necessary, and usually, it’s not even that helpful. I’d recommend reading John Taylor Gatto, John Holt, Samuel Blumenfeld, Sandra Dodd, Charlotte Iserbyt, and Joyce Fetteroll to start. Most even have videos on YouTube. We need to start educating ourselves so that we can begin to understand how best to educate our children. We need to stop–NOW–relying on the government to do it for us.

  3. We where warned years ago but left it go putting aside what the enemy’s was doing thinking well it does not concern me so let’s get on with my life that’s the attitude of the sheeple brained washed years ago programmend perfectly for picking off one by one or like now larger groups remember this very simple you got rid of God you let him be replaced with lucifer and his many minions world wide so in a short time when all this fuss is coming to a grand scale chastisement your going to be very sad you did nothing not even beg for forgiveness or care to know love and serve God

  4. Undoubtedly, it’s no accident that Ted Turner, a few years before Obama was elected, bought the largest school textbook company in the US.

  5. Political and sexual agendas have no place in our schools.

    Science, statistics and factual evidence should make policy and fill textbooks.

    Instead, the Obama administration has implemented political, educational, sexual, economic, foreign and domestic policy goals and actions that contradict the evidence and all rational wisdom and endanger the America, its citizens, both adults and children.

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