By: Cliff Kincaid

The scary story about a Chinese Pearl Harbor-style attack on America’s allies and assets in Asia caught my attention. The 23 million people on the island of Free China on Taiwan are in immediate danger. But the article by Nixon scholar Harry J. Kazianis missed the main point of interest to Americans in the homeland. Would China launch such an attack on America itself and wipe out its most important colony?

The sad conclusion, that the United States has become over time a colony of Communist China, is based on the observation that America was suckered into this predicament with China in a decades-long process begun by President Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

It’s not just a matter of Christmas toys and trinkets imported from China. The Chinese have already stolen us blind in the matter of national security. They stole our advanced nuclear weapons designs, as documented by the 1999 Cox Commission report. What is more, they have been continuing this infiltration of our nuclear labs, in the same way the Soviets did during World War II.

As China Joe’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s schemes come in for additional scrutiny, we must, in fairness, revisit the legacy of Henry Kissinger, who was the subject of published reports in the 1970s that he had a pro-communist record at Harvard and that he had served as a member of a communist intelligence cell in World War II.

My new report, “Before China Joe, There Was Kissinger,” examines this dangerous situation facing America and its allies in the context of Kissinger’s influence peddling. He was much better at it than China Joe and Hunter and was never held accountable.

Kissinger’s Influence Peddling

Kissinger did business through his own firm for secret corporate clients seeking deals in China, Russia, and other countries. Isaac Stone Fish, founder and CEO of consulting firm Strategy Risks, wrote the bookAmerica Second: How America’s Elites Are Making China Stronger. He concluded that Kissinger was “an agent of Chinese influence, and, for the last forty years of his life, a businessman masquerading as a diplomat.”

After his passing, Kissinger has been praised by Republicans and Democrats as a great strategist and statesman but he, like Hunter Biden, engaged in influence peddling. To be sure, Hunter’s case is different. Hunter was a drug addict and sex pervert who didn’t pay his taxes on the business deals, according to the new indictment on tax evasion charges.   He also violated gun laws, according to the other indictment of the president’s son.

He funneled some of the proceeds to the “Big Guy,” his father and current President China Joe, and that makes it extremely relevant to the forthcoming impeachment inquiry to be launched by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The House has an obligation to make the case that China Joe has been functioning as an agent of influence for China, Russia, and other nations funneling cash to Hunter.

Yet the Republican-controlled House is threatening to impeach China Joe while many top GOP officials are still praising Kissinger and his legacy.  My report raises the question: How can Republicans impeach “China Joe” Biden for taking money from China, Russia, and other countries when “Republican” Henry Kissinger got the money flowing in the first place?

The ”Opening” to China

The roots of the China problem lie with Kissinger’s “opening” to the genocidal Chinese communist dictatorship, in the same way, Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our time” overturn of Hitler’s Germany paved the way for World War II.

Assuming that a Chinese-style Pearl Harbor attack is now possible, all we can do as a nation is maintain a nuclear weapons deterrent to protect the homeland.

Based on his record, we know that former President Donald J. Trump is willing to protect America but China Joe and his Attorney General Merrick Garland are doing everything within their power to destroy his candidacy. Their main weapon is “Special Counsel” Jack Smith, trained by the United Nations to prepare bogus charges before a kangaroo court.

Destroying Trump is China’s agenda. Indeed, one can argue that it is one reason they launched COVID, costing the lives of one million Americans. Trump launched trade tariffs on Chinese goods and began the process of decoupling the American economy from the communists.

But there is more on the table ready to be stolen or compromised because of influence peddling by American officials.

The Trump White House document, “Trump on China: Putting America First,” says the Chinese Communist Party “has set its sights on controlling 90 percent of the world’s most advanced industries, including robotics, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. To win the commanding heights of the 21st-century economy, Beijing has directed its bureaucrats and businesses to obtain American intellectual property — the foundation of our economic leadership — by any means necessary.”

Kazianis, the Nixon scholar, recognizes this, saying, “Now is the time for the Biden administration to take the China military threat seriously and devise a plan to mitigate it beyond phony rhetoric and buzzwords.”

But he’s whistling Dixie.

Kissinger’s Betrayal of Free China

As House Republicans prepare to impeach China Joe, it’s important that Kazianis and other Nixon supporters and Republicans take Kissinger’s betrayal of Free China on Taiwan more seriously. That occurred when Kissinger began the process of normalizing relations with the Communist dictatorship on the mainland.

As a result of this betrayal, 23 million people with a Democratic form of government face a communist invasion, on top of the wars in Europe and the Middle East. I visited the island in 1984.  They want to keep their nation free. But American presidents such as Carter, Clinton, and Bush continued to conduct foreign policy based on Kissinger’s “One China” policy and sold them out, in much the same way that Kissinger’s Vietnam “peace accords” turned Vietnam over to the communists.

In a separate article, Kazianis offers a justification for Kissinger’s betrayal, saying, “Instead of seeking confrontation with China, Nixon and Kissinger sought to play the ‘China Card’ by deploying it against the Soviet Union.”

My new report, “Before China Joe, There Was Kissinger,” explains how the Sino-Soviet split was communist disinformation. Today, as we can easily ascertain, we have ended up with two enemies, China and Russia, which now openly coordinate their militaries in a “no limits” arrangement. We must uncover the foreign agents of influence within the national security establishment.

How Kissinger Betrayed Nixon

So why did Nixon, an anti-communist who helped expose State Department official and United Nations founder Alger Hiss as a Soviet agent, hire Kissinger in the first place? It was a political move, necessary at the time. Nixon, in retrospect, seemed completely unaware that this Harvard professor had a secret agenda. All that he knew was that Kissinger had worked for Nelson Rockefeller, Nixon’s adversary in the Republican Party, and Nixon thought hiring Kissinger would bring the party together in the 1968 campaign.  It worked, as Nixon won the general election in 1968 and was re-elected in 1972.

But when Nixon resigned the presidency, Kissinger survived, continuing as Secretary of State for Nixon’s successor Gerald Ford.

During the chaos and turmoil of the Watergate scandal, in which the CIA’s secret war on Nixon played a role, Kissinger’s other foreign policy “achievement,” the Vietnam Peace Accords, fell apart and Vietnam went communist. This produced the Vietnamese boat people, re-education camps, and 2 million dead in the Cambodian genocide.

The failed U.S. military effort to keep South Vietnam free from international communism backed by Red China and the Soviet Union resulted in 58,000 Americans sacrificing and dying in vain, although President Reagan hailed their “noble cause.”  The Congress, which was under the control of Democrats after Watergate, also bears responsibility for this disaster. They cut off aid to South Vietnam.

Kissinger’s anti-communist successes, saving Israel in the 1973 war with the Soviet-backed Arab/Muslim states, and the military coup that saved Chile from a communist takeover, can be attributed to the anti-communist Nixon, who took charge of American foreign policy in those specific cases.

The Untold Story

Those who doubt that Kissinger may have been a communist agent all along should look at what conservative journalists such as Gary Allen and Frank Capell wrote about Kissinger in their books and articles in the 1970s. CIA files include a Capell article. They warned us. For his part, Kissinger laughed off the charges at the time they were raised by a communist defector.

If you think such a penetration is impossible, look at what the China Joe Administration is now admitting in the case of former U.S. Ambassador Manuel Rocha, a former National Security Council official. “This action exposes one of the highest-reaching and longest-lasting infiltrations of the United States government by a foreign agent,” said Attorney General Garland, explaining Rocha’s indictment as a foreign agent for Cuba. He passed various background checks by the FBI and the State Department and spied for Cuba for 40 years. He even advised the U.S. military.

Garland doesn’t mention that the president who nominated him to the Supreme Court, Barack Hussein Obama, was under this foreign influence when he normalized relations with Communist Cuba and visited dictator Raul Castro, in much the same way Kissinger exchanged pleasantries with the greatest mass murderer in history, Mao.

Trump reversed that Cuba policy, too.

Among other questionable observations in his work on the topic of China, Nixon scholar Kazianis says that “…Beijing and Washington agreed to cooperate because they both viewed the rise of Soviet power as a bigger threat to their shared mutual interests.”

Marxist Dialectics

This was the Kissinger view. But our 2015 bookThe Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypsefeatures an interview with a former U.S. intelligence agency official who explained how the Sino-Soviet split deceived U.S. policymakers and weakened the Free World through what is called Marxist dialectics. His perspective was a dissenting view in the CIA and intelligence community bureaucracy.

Kissinger’s influence was negated by President Ronald Reagan, who broke with his predecessors and authored the “Reagan Doctrine” of overthrowing communist regimes. He said, “They [China and Russia] were allies and the only argument that caused their split was an argument over how best to destroy us.”

Reagan saw through the so-called Sino-Soviet split while Kissinger’s “China Card” gambit fooled many Republicans. His real agenda, which he talked about after Obama was elected as president, was a “New World Order.”

It was Henry Kissinger’s pro-China policy that made possible the scandals involving Hunter and China Joe. Republicans should not forget that fact.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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