13 thoughts on “Allen West Knocks it Out of the Park

  1. I wish Governor Romney had the cajones to speak as frankly as Congressman West. If he did, he would be up by 30 points by now. Allen West is the ONLY one telling the truth.

  2. He has the charisma and absolutely fearless attitude that will expose the Democrats like nobody else. America needs this man as VP. Send Romney’s site your opinion,please. West is a military hero,and an historian knowledgeable about the threats to this country. Let’s help him help us !

  3. Allan West for VP & the country will vote for Romney

    this is one serious guy who nails it – how refreshing!!! Thank you Allen West!

    1. Yes, exactly, excellent, and it would provide Allen West additional credentials and public exposure to successfully run for president following Romney’s stint.

    1. I’ve watched several of his videos, and he always “knocks it out of the park”. And I’ve NEVER seen himn use a teleprompter

  4. From a military standpoint, the Mao-Tse-Obama-Tung’s “Forward” cry is what in the military is a command to “advance to the rear” as “retreat” is a forbidden expression because of its demoralizing effect on the troops.

    Liberal “progress” is a transition from total freedom in a State of Nature to an equal sharing of misery and servitude in a despotic State of Society.

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