73 thoughts on “A word to rioting Muslims

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  2. Bravo my friend, well done. Glad to see you Brits are finally waking up. Last time I was in England, I saw a bunch of these vermin in the streets, I was boozed up and I grabged one of them by the throat and said “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE, GO BACK TO YOUR $HITHOLE COUNTRY”. None of them had the balls to do anything back, they’re all a bunch of cowards. If we’d just get hard-nosed with them, and treat them like the garbage they are, they’d leave.

  3. Folks,

    More than 2000 years ago, when asked to define “religion” Rabbi Hillel observed:

    “What you would find hateful, do not inflict that upon others. The rest is mere commentary.”

    By that definition, militant Islamics are all politicial, not even a tiny bit religious.

    But others who go by the name “Muslim” such as Bahais, Sufis, Ahamdis and several other sects (who, by the way, are denounced as “not true Muslims” and are reviled, murdered and generally persecuted by Muslim Sunni fundamentalists) should NOT be tarred with the same brush.

    In our rush to denounce “all muslims” we are doubling the persecution that these people already face.

    Reminds me of that twit in Texas who shot and killed an old Sikh man because he wore a turban and had a beard – like Osama.

    Should have got himself an education insted of a gun.

    1. dude Muslims are the ones persecuting Muslims – fakhra yunus was beaten and abused by her husband, ran away with her son, he tracked her down and threw acid all over her (in front of her son) – an activist for abused women said, ‘I have met many acid victims (heard of them? Of course not, we’re not Muslims) never have I seen one as completely disfigured as
      Fakhra, she had not just become faceless, her body had melted to the bone’. You see her husband had to do this, to save ‘face’. Fakhra is one of tens of thousands. Please stop evincing your sympathy for the devil, Colin. BTW – mo also back in day hated music – ordered the destruction of all musical instruments; as for singers – their deity promised to’pour molten lead in the ears of whoever sits listening to a singer.’ If you want to, in the name ‘peace’, consign muslims to the evil of Islam, I guess that’s your prerogative.

      1. A nod that you acknwledge that Muslims are adept at terrifying more than ‘merely’ religious and nominal Muslims…correct if I’m wrong, wasn’t this stated several posts ago?

  4. Folks,

    Here’s some advice on fear that is the product of differences in colour, creed or whetever….from Sly & the Family Stone.

    Everyday People

    Sometimes I’m right…then I can be wrong
    My own beliefs are in my songs
    A butcher, a banker, a drummer and then
    Makes no difference what group I’m in
    I am…..Everyday People

    There is a blue one who can’t accept
    The green one for living with a black one
    That’s tryin’ to be a skinny one
    Different strokes for different folks
    And so on and so on…and scooby dooby dooby

    We gotta live together!!

    I am no better and neither are you
    We’re all the same whatever we do
    You love me you hate me
    You know me and then
    Still can’t figure out the bag I’m in
    I am…..Everyday People

    There is a long man
    That doesn’t like the short man
    For being such a rich one
    That will not help the poor one
    Different strokes for different folks
    And so on and so on & scooby dooby doo

    We got to live together!!

    There is a yellow one that won’t
    Accept the black one
    That won’t accept the red one
    That won’t accept the white one….

    Different strokes for different folks
    We gotta live together!!

  5. Congratulations to Trevor Louddon for clearly stating what so many people believe but are prevented from saying so at the risk of being called racist.

  6. Extraordinarily articulate and I do agree with the thrust of his arguments. Even if you do not entirely agree with him you have to admire the power and restrained anger of this soliloquy.

    1. BTW – Colin’s syntax is restrained, polite. How useful is politeness in the face of evil? It’s a-historical to conflate anti-semetism with other communities – hatred of Jews is a unique sort of hatred, well attested. I would see the his approach to the problem as disingenuous; to acknowledge something to be depraved and hateful and then pretend one should suddenly develop a non-Judeo-Christian equanimity that stops acknowledging it’s hatefulness – one cannot separate this evil from the institution which is Islam promulgating it…This attitude will keep human beings born under the sword of islam stuck in that misery for generations to come – at best. At worst, what is currently not the muslim world, heaven forbid, would be living under it too – as infidels. For myself I’ve yet to meet a ‘religious muslim’ (by definition of their honoured books there really isn’t any other kind) who has treated me with anything other than random out of the blue argumentativeness as a hellos, arrogance and/or disdain – I consider myself lucky – sticks and stones…

      ps. Bassam Tibi, a western educated scholar born under Islam, struggles with how to adapt Islam to the West in ‘Political Islam, World Politics and Europe Democratic Peace and Euro-Islam versus Global Jihad’.

      1. Zionit,

        You wrote, I quote: “..hatred of Jews is a unique sort of hatred….”

        There is NOTHING unique about ANY hatred. ALL of it is the product of fear.

        For there would be no hatred where there is no fear.

        Fear is deployed by politicians of all colours including Islamist ones (many of them now masquerading as clerics) to manipulate the masses to gain and hold on to political or religious power.

        The hatred directed by the fundamentalist “Christians” of the Middle Ages who urged the murder of those Jews who refused to convert was the very same hatred that they poured upon any fellow Christian who disagreed with their virulent interpretation of Christianity.

        You should read up on the fate of the Cathars, Gnostics or any Christian sects who disagreed with this diseased form of fundamentalist Christianity that gave rise to its most outrageous and bloody form – the Inquisition.

        It is as patently absurd to claim that everyone born a muslim is a potential murderer or terrorist as it is to claim that everyone born a christian is actually a follower of the teachings of Christ.

        Christ’s admonition to his followers to love their enemies and to do good to those who would harm them has been totally perverted by these nominal “Christians” who only deploy Christ’s teachings when and where it is suitable to achieve their material ends.

        This reminds me of the crocodile “Christian” preachers of today who claim that Christ wanted all his followers to be rich.

        These lies are stated in direct contradiction of Christ’s command to his followers to give away all their material possessions and to follow him.

        His statement equating the difficulty of a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven with a camel passing through the eye of a needle is also corrupted and altered to now mean something quite the opposite.

        This is the sad state of the Judeo-Christian ethic of today.

        And NONE of it is improved by the spread of hatred… against Jews, Muslims or anyone else.

        1. sly and fam – need a lot of violence to get along

          Hey, Colin. anti-semetism IS a very historically distinct sort of hatred – yes there are different kinds of hate – we are capable both sutbltey and distinction in the West. A wise blogger once wrote ‘It is most cruel to not make the distinction between good and evil’. Yes i know about the cathars, bogomils, ‘gnotics’, violent bunches themselves – the cathars particularly in a jim jones sort of way. in Judeo-Christian usage the word ‘hate’ affords its readers a spiritual and emotional maturity. When God is said to ‘hate’ someone or something, when Christ tells his disciples that in order to be perfect (that is follow God by the golden rule) they must ‘hate’ their families, God is saying that there is a greater good right in front of us – a good that by comparison makes other things far less important and ‘good’. As far as I know no-one interprets these passages as an instigation to actively, in an OED sense, go out and hate with ‘hostile action’. On the contrary, the basis of Judeo-Christianity is; God loves us, therefore we must love God and other for the sake of God and that means we must acknowledge that some things are good and others are just plain bad/evil i.e. not of God. In the Quran ‘hatred’ of unbelieivers or the ‘not so good’ means killing and enslaving. Their deity hates us and that hatred must be fed with eliminating or subjugating us, and not painlessly – we don’t get the same treatment as halalically slaughtered animals. I don’t think this stuff is difficult to grasp. There is so much written and historical, community, contemporary blah blah blah evidence for the necessity of Muslim hatred that there’s simply no excuse for the continuance of blind ignorance.

  7. To Zionit and Boris

    If we close our eyes to the difference between the vast majority of Muslims who just want what everyone else wants – a peaceful life for themselves and their children –

    and the minority of Islamists who actively seek to murder those who do not follow their stinking and perverted beliefs and who covertly support such murder with money, propaganda and lies…

    then we are falling into the same trap that the Nazis set for the
    Germans last century.

    It was so easy for the Nazis to call ALL Jews exploiters when only some were involved in usury – money-lending at huge interest rates.

    And why were some of them exploiters? Because Jews were EXCLUDED from entering almost ALL trades in Europe by the Guilds so they couldn’t earn a living like everybody else.

    Though the vast majority of Jews were poor and wretched and reduced to such poverty by the VERY same people who excluded them from participating in society and DENOUNCED them as usurers, thieves and baby-killers.

    Now as a Christian I am terribly ashamed of the way that Jews were treated in so-caled “Christian” Europe.

    Long before the Holocaust there were dreadful pogroms (murder and pillage) against the Jews for base political and religious reasons which was “justified” by the lies spread about the vast majority of Jews.


    1. Yes you want peace for Muslims – but if you knew a little more about Muslim history/Islam you would understand that where Muslims live there can be no peace or justice families without the pressure to honour kill unless they stop being Muslims – or become a sort of Muslim that eschews any recognition of their prophet or their honoured books. There was a priest who lived in the Muslim world for many decades looking after lepers – as they are ‘unclean’ a Muslim won’t go near them. He also wrote book on quran where he managed through miraculous exigesis find one passage that could possibly be construed to mean they don’t need to kill or enslave non-muslims – he won an international book prize. What you don’t understand is Muslim have no choice but to enslave or kill. If a Muslim doesn’t believe this they are Muslims only nominally. And by Muslim standards not Muslim at all but infidels. The only peace a true Muslim wants is a piece of an infidel. That’s it.

      1. ps Colin we cannot have it both ways – if we profess to be a Christian we must ‘hate Islam which enshrines polygamy, murder, rape, exploitation of non-muslim, zero tolerance for other religions, abhors freedom of speech, and blasphemes the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From my POV a Christian must understand what evil is and not pretended it’s anything else. We must hate Islam if only for the sake of the poor wretches under it’s yoke.

  8. BRAVO. We need to band together in the United States and come up with solutions to get rid of this problem. No matter where you travel in the US you see Muslims,,,,,,,,, everywhere. If they hate freedom, capitalism and our way of life then why are they infiltrating every city of our great nation? Those of us who are paying attention know THE REASON WHY…..It’s simple…..All people of our nation who do not believe in the Koran and their leader are
    INFIDELS….And all INFIDELS ARE TO BE KILLED!!!!! I say that they should all be deported from our country……Why do they deserve to live here?

  9. Awesome it’s a shame that the only a few will hear and share this our leaders need to play this at the onset of every meeting!

  10. ‘Outpouring of hate’, exactly whose pouring out ‘hate?’ A quick visit to ‘Jihad Watch’, flick through the pages of ‘A New Shoah’, or ‘Why we left Islam’, – should be enough to disabuse anyone of exactly where the hate’s pouring out from. As Salman Rushdie said at his new book release, meeting ‘offensive’ speech with physical violence has no place in civilised society. And as for hate speech, I saw the ‘beheading’ signs in recent protests. What would you say to the 25 non-muslim students murdered yesterday by Islamic expressionists?

    For the record OED definition of ‘hate’: hostile actions motivated by intense dislike.

    1. BTW…’Islamic – OED – ‘of Islam’, …Islam: the Muslim world; the religion of Muslims. It’s only self-deceiing Westies who like to separate Muslim/Islam, and if Muslims try, they’re likely practicing taqiyya.

  11. Folks,

    I’ve read with increasing concern the outpouring of hate against “Muslims” in general when the scum who richly deserve to be sorted out are particular extremist sects of Muslims whose philosophy and actions CLEARLY DO NOT REPRESENT the 1.5 billion people on this planet who were born into that religion.

    As I’ve said in an earlier post on September 25, these extremists (normally referred to as “Islamists”) are very happy that we in the West confuse them with ALL muslims and start ranting against all “Muslims” as this will in the long run inevitably push ALL Muslims into their corner.

    And after spending close to 60 summers on this planet I can say with accuracy that generalisations are at the very BEST only HALF TRUE. So there is in all probability, millions of “Muslims” who are far more compassionate and gentle human beings than those in the West who are ranting about killing them.

    So if you want to keep the heat on the rogues who call themselves “Muslims” but are really political extremist scumbags, DON’T say “Muslims” when you mean “ISLAMISTS”.

    1. TO colin:

      Perhaps, As long as “MUSLIMS” are able to separate themselves from “ISLAMISTS”. Instead they are financing “ISLAMISTS”, electing them, move to Europe and US with them… What are you talking about? You are either blind or intentionally misrepresenting what’s happening.

  12. These rugheads really get me P****D off. What nerve Obambi has!!! Maybe he should call the German chancellor and tell her we apologize for persecuting nazis. Or to the Japanese for causing them to bomb Pearl Harbor. What is left for us. They knocked down the WTC, our Afgani “allies” turn our own guns on us and kill our brave young men and women. Its time for Obambi to ride off into the sunset back to Kenya, where he can dream with his half brother under the stars. With all that Obama has, his half brother is destitute!!!!! If he helps his brother, then maybe then Michelle can feel good about being an American for the second time. The first was when “white” American voted for him in the plurality. Sort of silences the “racist” tag that they give to all people who disagree with them.

  13. Tired of your Crap ! What if all protestants were bound by their religon to kill all Muslims, Catholics too! Kill all Muslims, don’t forget about Buddists, and every kind of denomination. would that make you Infidels happy. Don’t forget, It has crossed everybody in the worlds mind!
    Fry you like frog legs in a kiln. sound familiar? dumb asses
    but no! the GOD we know tells us to love you instead.
    What’s wrong here?

  14. sums it up perfectly. would love the people it’s directed to (muslims) to hear it and understand it. sadly, they won’t.

  15. That is the best video I have ever seen about Islam!!!! I am so sick listening to these so called human being’s and that is a stretch they are low life scum!! They kill there own people in the name of religion what a joke they are the lowest form of human beings and should be eradicated from the planet. After all they kill americans and many others in the name of Islam what a sick religion and I am tired of them crying about it. If they do not like it here get the out of our country. We do not need you or want you here and please when you leave do not let the door hit your backside on the way out!!! Your religion is the sickest and lowest form of religion and to be honest I could care less about you and what you stand for leave and never come back!!!!!!!!

  16. I think that what we really need to do is to give our soldiers who try to protect our embassies real guns with lots of real bullets and shoot the first one and any one who even thinks of coming over our walls. and then with a few hundred bodies stacked up maybe then they will get the point that we are not going to screw with them any more. come and you will die just like your brothers before you

  17. ” Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt”.
    I listened to his rant and I read the cheers. At the same time I reflected upon how similar the conversations and discussions must have been, when the Crusades were launched.
    Hopefully, as civilized people, we will one day learn to effectively communicate, rather than to compete.

  18. So glad to hear someone talking sense about this out of control thing called islam. Time for us all to stand up & show we don’t care about their silly grievances whilst they run rough shod over our beliefs! I’m with YOU!

  19. He should be given a medal for summarizing what is on the minds of every free thinking person in the West about this rabid brand of Radical Sunni (Wahabi, Salafist, Muslim-Brotherhood etc) brand of Islam.

    BUT there is a bigger picture which might be overlooked.

    I think the danger lies in tarring all people born into the Muslim faith with the same brush by denouncing “Muslims” or “Islam” in general for the actions of these rapidly growing numbers of Radical Sunni extremists.

    The poisonous philosophy of ALL fundamentalist fanatics whether Christian, Hindu or Islamic, is the silencing of rational thought by threatening to visit general mayhem on anyone, anywhere, who has the courage to state the obvious and by doing so they hope to cower people into dumb acquiescence.

    THAT’s the way they obtain the silence of many of their own co-religionists and thus make everyone an extremist by the human propensity to generalise, thus “tarring all with the same brush”.

    RESIST THEM AT ALL COSTS. But use the appropriate terms.


    That would be equivalent to denouncing all Christians and Christianity in general on the basis of the actions of extremists such as Jim Jones of Jonestown, David Koresh of Waco or the assorted idiots who bomb fertility control medical centres or shoot abortion clinic doctors. One of whom was shot in Church.

    And don’t expect our politicians to lead us out of the multicultural mess of their creation.

    For they pander to these zealots who claim to represent the “Muslim Community” in order to obtain block votes so that they can hold on to the fruits of office.

    I distinctly recall 30 years ago the Jamaat-e-Islami Party of India calling for the Muslims of India to have four wives and as many children from them as possible so that Islam could “take control of India via the ballot box”. That failed in India as Hindus are pretty prolific breeders and thus 90% of India is still Hindu.

    But in the West with a falling birthrate, that’s pretty much the strategy being used by these bearded extremists today.

    Read the book “Germany Abolishes Itself” to find out why Germany is now well on the way to becoming a Muslim majority state.

    In this way every Western democracy on the planet is under threat of subversion from within by sheer weight of numbers if the extremists fail to accomplish control via their mock outrage, threats and extreme violence.

  20. Well spoken. It’s our government that scares me the most! These Islamic radicals have been around forever– it’s our new found “tolerance” that will be the end of us. We are trying to make peace with people that have a religious duty to rid of us. I know the God of love, this Allah represents something much different.

    1. Willie … Really? Fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews? You’re comparing Fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews to Radical Islamists? Puhleeze!!!

  21. Well said – very eloquent.

    You are saying what most of us believe. I am happy to respect others beliefs but it’s a two way street. I have friends who are Muslim, but don’t fit the “mould” that we see nightly on our televisions. My parents fought in WWII so that we could live in a world of peace – why do so many people need to have such anger and hate in their hearts.

    May you all go in peace, and may your God bring you tolerance.

  22. As an adjunct to Mr. Loudon’s daring, but accurate, analysis of this global cancer, I would like to draw the public’s attention to a simple statistic. If you take a look at all of the hotspot areas of conflict around the globe where rebel/subversive/geurilla/political/nationalist/insurgency activity or other is occurring, you will find that 99% of this activity involves an Islamic fighting force on one side. A telling statistic in my view.

  23. Can anybody explain that? Why U.S. let them build the “TEMPO” in the heart of NEW YORK??????

    They are worst than animals, we should erase them from this planet.

  24. Hi…Trevor Loudon is typical of the ground swell building up, I believe that we all have a right to practice a religion of our choice, Islamist believe otherwise, I also believe that anyone who incites racial hatred, carrying placards with such slogans as “Death to Infidels” etc …should be transported post haste to the closest International airport, and deported back to their country of origin, if they were born in the country where the “Offence” took place, then deport them to the country of their forefathers…this would be radical, and most probably there would be some UN rule to prevent this…scrap the UN then.
    Governments of the West are too soft to do this…..but they will in time..
    Ask yourself, how would you be treated if you carried out similar acts in their country?
    When is someone going to have Tee Shirts printed with “Vive Richard, Coeur de Lion” on them…a subtle reminder of how long this battle has been raging.
    cheers Bryan

  25. If we had any honor, we would send a team of seals, and capture one major figuer in this militant Islamic gang, and sodomize him, and piss on him, and dragg him in the streets! Barbarians must be treeted in same fashion.

  26. Fantastic. I salute you. Respect is something you have to have to get. I wish they’d all bugger off back to where they came from. If we go to an Islamist country we have to do as they do so why is the west so weak as to allow them to dictate to us how we should live.

    Don’t these people have jobs? Oh, dear, silly me – they all suck of the national nipple that is why they have the time to make their stupid placards and go about starting riots and doing malicious damage to OUR property.

    I say if they want to live in the west they lose the attitude, the garb, the shameful way they treat women and get a life

  27. You said what most of us are feeling. Wish it could go viral because this is absolutely awesome to hear. Nice change of pace given what we hear 100x a day every day of our lives. They deserve NO respect until they are willing to give it in return.

  28. Awesome!
    Our Forefather’s established this country based on “Freedom of Relegion”. This meant your relegion, as long as it was based on GOD gave each of us the right to chose any Christian Denomination; Jew, Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ and on and on. They also elected to use God as the central theme and basis for our country as evidenced by “In God We Trust” etc etc.
    So my point, this country should not allow ANY other Houses of Worship other than those specific to GOD and our Christian beliefs!!! We should not allow Muslim, Buddist or any other faction in this country as their beliefs are not based on God and the Holy Christian Bible. This will become a war in this country if we do not put a stop to the building of Mosque and other facilities. THIS COUNTRY WAS ESTABLISHED BASED ON GOD and I will never recognize any other beliefs or their political ideas. Stand up AMERICA!!!! Run them out of this country as they do in many of their countries!!!

    1. To Barry B – I take on board the reasons for your rejection of the Islamic faith due, I anticipate, to the behaviour of fundamentalist, extremist factions from that quarter and because such conduct is so very misaligned with our Western Culture, but nevertheless there is a contradiction of ideology within your post.

      Your opening sentence calls upon the practice of “Freedom of Religion”, based upon the Christian denominations only. It may surprise you to know that the Islamic Faith shares the very same Patriarchs that the Christian faiths do (Old Testament) and that they actually pray to the same God. Mohammed, is held by them as a prophet only, while their “Allah” is one and the same as our Christian God.

      More therefore be the shame upon these fundamentalist Muslims for their unholy attitudes and conduct – it is anything BUT Christian.

      1. You are wrong. Allah is not, has not and never will be the “same as our Christian God.” Allah is Satan. Research the word in its original language and you will find it. Lord God Almighty (El Shaddai, Elohim, and Yeshua Ha-Mashiach are his names) has nothing to do with radical Islam, except to someday wipe it completely from the face of the earth at Jesus’ second coming.

    2. Fuck you and your god. Pat Condell is an ATHEIST! ALL religion is a cancer and a Lie. In god we trust …My fucking Arse.

  29. I’m yelling at the screen, “yes, yes, YES, YES!!!” Brilliantly done and you got right to the heart of the matter for me. I bloody well care about their displeasure, and if they don’t like what we do in the west, well then turn around on your arse and focus somewhere else!

  30. Wow, my friends who blocked me on FB because I have similiar views would just explode if they saw this. I sure wish I had found this before they blocked me. sigh… I love this video!!! Posting everywhere I can find.

    1. Renee…congratulations on being blocked on FB by your friends. You have demonstrated a courage that I am finally being able to find myself. Not to worry, I have posted this video clip on my FB page and have challenged my “friendships” already. We must no longer be afraid of losing friends for standing up and telling the truth.

    1. I’m with you. I would like the guy at the gay marriage rally/protest in MN that wore the “Eliminate Christians one bullet at a time” to have the courage to replace Christians with just about anything else and he would be prosecuted for hate speech. If he had any gonads, (unlikely), he would replace Christians with Muslims but then he would face not only a hate speech prosecution but also a Muslim Fatwah.

  31. Very well said and to the point! I will add this thought: My Lord warms me to “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”. I believe that is enough said! JDS

      It’s Always Our Fault – Revisiting the “Stockholm Syndrome”

      I’ve been following the sad news out of Benghazi. The late ambassador Stevens was a courageous man committed to uplifting the Libyan people who, together with the Egyptians, are supposedly our new “allies.” Seeing photos of his corpse being dragged like garbage through the streets of the city by those who demand the niceties of Sharia Law, those who wish to establish the worldwide Muslim Caliphate and enforce the subjugation of women – I had nothing pithy left to say, only sadness to feel.

      Yet it took the American Embassy in Cairo, Hilary Clinton and the Vatican to raise my hackles. The embassy tweeted: “we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”; whilst Hilary, parading the endemic White House political correctness, called the obscure video by a crackpot “reprehensible” saying “we absolutely reject its content and message.” The Vatican’s Father Lombardi did not condemn the killings in Benghazi; rather he condemned “provocations against the sensibilities of Muslim believers.”

      Yet, the attack in Benghazi was more an act of war than a spontaneous protest – 400 militants showed up with mortars and RPGs.

      Why? Why does the most powerful government in the world apologize to a rioting rabble, murderers of ambassadors, avowed followers of Bin Laden, pillagers of sovereign American property, whilst at the same time equating the obnoxious and isolated video with the iniquitous violence, as though the two were in any way comparable? The allure of the freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights seems lost to the White House; the integrity of moral judgment has become clouded amongst our leaders.

      Yes, this obscure and largely unseen video may indeed hurt the feelings of some devout Muslims, and may inflame some habitual anti-American hatred. But so will every Hollywood movie, every porn site, every political statement that’s deemed impure and insulting to the Islamists who have zero tolerance to Western mores and traditions. This 14-minute video by some Egyptian Copt in California about the prophet Muhammad, “Innocence of Muslims,” has been on YouTube since June – yet the propagators of these riots waited until September 11th, that infamous anniversary, to fan the flames. (On September 8th a major Egyptian TV station aired this largely ignored short film).

      The real question is not the volatility of millions of Middle Easterners taught from birth to hate America and to despise Israel (as any excuse is usually enough). The real question is why we feel the need to pander and apologize to the most radical, violent and intolerant extremes around the world, to let them set the tone; a tone designed to stifle all criticism of Islam, to declare as blasphemy any attempt to reform radical Islam. (To Islamists, free speech does not extend to defamation of Islam and democracy merely another avenue to implement their 7th century theology).

      There were indeed in the past other isolated incidents – Geert Wilders’ “Fitna” movie in Amsterdam, the now infamous cartoons in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark, a few pages of a discarded Koran burnt in error in Afghanistan. In the whole scheme of things, it’s remarkable that there are not many more of these criticisms of Islam as we experience some of its radical manifestations today.

      When Saudi citizens murdered 3000 innocents on 9/11, no embassies were burnt in America, no ambassadors murdered, no riots started. Yet an amateur film of no value seems to bother the Muslim World more than these 3000 victims. Apologies seem to go only one way – that is the real quandary. We are irrevocably always the Infidels, and they are always the revered protectors of Muhammad.

      Ignored yet more relevant is the proliferation, by contrast in the Middle East, of daily anti-West, anti-Semitic propaganda. It’s everywhere, all the time – it’s the staple of much of the media, the education system, the Madrassas and the Mosques.

      A 41 episode series (Horse Without a Horseman) based on the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been running on Egyptian TV presenting the Jews as a cabal of conspiring demons taking over the world.

      In Syria, a government-supported TV series trotted out the ancient blood libel, that of Jews murdering Muslim children, then using their blood to bake Passover Matzos. Strange also, since Kosher laws expressly forbid blood residues from meat.

      Hamas and the Palestinian Authority regularly equate Jews with the sons and daughters of pigs and monkeys, deserving of death and banishment. The PA pay convicted and jailed suicide bombers $3000 per month using American government subsidies.

      Ahmadinejad talks of destroying Israel. Huge crowds danced, celebrated and handed out sweets in the Middle East capitals on 9/11.

      The list is endless as are the calls to violence, rage and vengeance.

      Does anyone from that world apologize for these daily genocidal exhortations? Does anyone from the West demand it? None that I have heard. Why? At MSNBC a consensus from a talk show recently advocated jailing the videographer as an accessory to murder, but not jailing the murderers themselves, not any lynch mobs. The murderers are granted victimhood in our upside-down world.

      US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, had forbidden the embassy’s security to carry live ammunition – talk about a misguided attempt not to antagonize the Muslim Brotherhood, after all, talk about a more direct accessory to murder.

      Where’s the outrage when in the Middle East homosexuals are tortured, women stoned, acid thrown into the faces of young girls, Coptic Churches burned, IQ deficient kids used as suicide bombers? The silence is more than deafening.

      We now apologize for our unique freedom of speech, the core bastion of our society; we apologize for the words, cartoons and photos of a few independent individuals exercising their inalienable right to free expression, to differing opinions overwhich we have no control over or responsibility for.

      Our ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, and White House spokesman, Jay Carney, insist unwaveringly, against all evidence, against the findings of the Libyan and Egyptian authorities, that the violence was not premeditated, that it was entirely due to the obscure YouTube video. Reports also further note that the brother of Al Qaeda’s current leader, namely Mohammed Zawahiri, was instrumental in the Cairo attack.

      Yet we seem to take the hate speech in the Middle East for granted, the beheadings, kidnappings, rapes, murders, suicide bombings. We cowardly choose to respond by subsidizing these supremacist and fanatical leaders, these anti-American entities. We now show every variation of weakness and pandering, any apology we can muster in spite of the immutable reality that the Middle East only respects the strong horse and mocks the weak horse. Logic and morality be damned.

      We, and our ambassadors, should not be anywhere in which we cannot engender respect or elicit appreciation. Skype as an alternative really works very well nowadays. The White House ignores the green revolution in Iran, that hugely deserving opposition to a viciously anti-American regime, in a country of people primarily pro-American. Yet this same White House supports Egyptian President Morsi who demands the release of the first World Trade Center bomber, blind sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. This same White House supports the Muslim Brotherhood, who has refused to recognize the State of Israel and whose leaders reaffirmed Jihad on Israel.

      We apologize when we should stand firm; strangely, we draw our enemies close and alienate our friends.

      I don’t understand – do you?

      Hitchens schools a Muslim on free speech
      Libya, Afghanistan and the Middle East — Why Obama and Romney are Both Wrong
      Misplaced Blame for the Embassy Attacks
      Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not the Enemy
      Stephens: Muslims, Mormons and Liberals

      Posted on Western Free Press


      1. Your comment is greatly appreciated….. a refreshing, truly American comment. Would you care to run for President of America? I know, I know. But we make so many exceptions anymore, this would be a good exception!!


    2. Tried to replay this and the web site goes into an error, the Muslims really got their way with the governments. They move to our country then bitch about everything, if you don’t like OUR ways and can’t live the same as we do, then get the hell out! There is a saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” You don’t like our ways,”GO BACK TO YOUR OWN HOME COUNTRY!” End of story. You persecute our life style,WHY? I think that it is just plane jealousy, you couldn’t culitvate the land like Israel and you got jealous and hate them for their accomplishments. And you hate the United States because of our rich resources. Or is it because we as a nation, help people from all types of life, no matter what country you come from? You come from a different culture that doesn’t know how to accept changes in advanced living. Quit crying about things and except the values of life.
      If you hate the United States then stay away, We don’t want anybody else coming over here and we sure in the hell don’t want to go over there. Maybe we should stop giving help to ALL countries and just help ourself!

    3. You are right on with everything you say, but alas I don’t think those nut jobs even understand what you are trying to convey to them because they can’t conceive of where you are coming from. It’s so beyond their ability to reason and think straight that in my opinion, we will never have world peace as long as these haters exist on the planet.

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