Congressional Black Caucus Stirs Up Race and Class Hatred for Obama

The socialists of the Congressional Black Caucus are touring the country inciting class and race hatred, rallying black support for Barack Obama and promoting antipathy to the “Tea Party” movement.

They are also openly calling on President Obama to re-create the Works Progress Administration, the Depression era mass make work scheme that was virtually run by the Communist Party USA.

CBCers in Los Angeles

Socialists Karen Bass, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Hansen Clarke, Emanuel Cleaver and Andre Carson recently raised a little hell in Los Angeles.

From Rossana Cambron of the Communist Party USA’s Peoples World:

LOS ANGELES – Below are video highlights from the final Congressional Black Caucus jobs fair/town hall meeting held on Aug. 31 here at the Crenshaw Christian Center with more than 500 people in attendance. An estimated crowd of 20,000 had lined up earlier for the CBC’s jobs fair, according to Politico.

The CBC launched a series of town halls and jobs fairs called For the People Jobs Initiative in Cleveland, Aug. 8, to bring front and center the urgent need for federal action to create jobs. Since then the tour has traveled to Detroit, Miami and Atlanta, where they have elicited a wide public response and press coverage.

At each event, CBC members have been bringing their plan for creating jobs to the people, making it clear that it’s time to stand up to fight and meet the challenge. In Los Angeles, CBC members spoke to the need for a national jobs rally and march, and called for an extension of unemployment benefits until enough jobs are created. In addition, they demanded the creation of a 21st century Works Progress Administration to repair the country’s infrastructure. “When people have jobs they spend money, that is how you revitalize the economy,” said Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who hosted the event.


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11 thoughts on “Congressional Black Caucus Stirs Up Race and Class Hatred for Obama

  1. When are Black just going just become americans. I have mixed kiss and to be totally honest with you. I try to let them know all sides of the black racism which is wrong. When my grand kids were born they were cast off from their black family’s because they were not black enough. I didn’t care what color they are. I worried I would before they were born. When they came I couldn’t love them any more if I tried.They are doing just fine.One father will only work under the table because he doesn’t want the mother spending it. The grandmother on the other side has never given the child anything or asked to see her. Black father need to be taught how to take care of their children whether they live with them or not. It is time to get over the black slave. They should be proud of what they have accomplished in 200 year. Also be thankful for the whites that help. Black need to believe in them selves more

  2. Not all blacks are deluded. There are quite a few, both in public life and in private. Some are quite vocal, publicly known while others desire anonynimity and are known simply by a pseudonym for reasons of safety (like myself, already the victim of an attempted fire-bombing a few years ago). Our number swells daily as more and more become wise to the attempt at a sinecure by the Democratic Party and it’s sponsorship of entitlement addiction and the promotion of the twin scams of victimhood and reparations pushed by their surrogates in the NAACP and the complicit media. I am a conservative, in fact a strict Constitutionalist. What we have today is not what I marched for in 1963 and ’64…I daresay that Dr. King would be aghast at what we have become. I know that the current enslavement of the black community on the Liberal Plantation is in no way what Martin had in mind. Please visit my blog for more on this subject.

    1. Good morning sir! I enjoyed reading your post and have most respect for you. I also agree that Dr. King would not be happy at all that after America attaining his dream that so many are not taking advantage of it. A real shame.

  3. We fought the Reds in Korea, and they were yellow. We fought the Reds in Vietnam and they were brown. Now the Reds are Black ! I guess they must have copulated with a Banana way back in the stone ages.

    One thing is certain……when they are dead they all look the same—all mushy and smelly. But they smell bad alive. Yes, thats true Homer, but Bananas don’t.

    Bananas are good for you. Communists are not.

  4. What they forget is that under the original WPA we had virtually none of the safety net that exists today. No medicaid, no food stamps, no unemployment, no social security disability. People were put to work on the infrastructure and paid in lieu of all that stuff. As we know, it didn’t work except that we got a lot of roads built. The economy did nothing.

    Here is my suggestion for a revision of their proposal: put everyone who gets food stamps, medicaid, and undemployment to work in order to maintain their benefits. They don’t get anything extra but at least they will be giving back for their welfare.

    The federal government could set up a temporary employment agency and offer services at competitive rates to contractors and others. The revenue could be used to supplement the benefits. The workers will have a leg up on employment, at a higher wage and with benefits, with those companies. If they aren’t hired out, they can be put to work sweeping, raking leaves, digging holes, and other kinds of work that none but illegals and prisoners now do. They would successfully put the illegals out of work and give them motivation to go home. The prisoners could make little stones from big ones.

    This isn’t the WPA about which today’s progressives are thinking. However, it might work.

  5. The sad part is that they don’t realize who actually put them in the situation they are in–and that would be their own party. The Tea Party is much stronger than they are!

  6. The freeloading race extortionists got nothing to lose, their political seat-secured, all they want is more money and if it takes to threat, they will go for it.

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