Communists March Through Paris!!!

On March 18, the 141st anniversary of the Paris Commune, organizers were expecting 20,000 to 30,000 to show up for a march and rally to “seize the Bastille” in Paris. Up to 120,000 took part.

Communism is on the rise across Europe……


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7 thoughts on “Communists March Through Paris!!!

  1. Well, actually the European middle class isn’t that poor either. They have a lot of high unemployment but they have smaller house sizes than the US but they have a lot more than the 3rd world people that flood Western Europe. Europe’s problem is the envy problem which is to take and give to someone else all the thing, so there countries are stagnant not much growth. The third world people moving into Western Europe are even worst than the Hispanics in the US since they don’t work at all while the Hispanics work but have to have free and reduce lunch programs for their kids in order to survive in La.

  2. Well, i was wondering I heard that communism is strongest in countries that went thru Feudalism. Remember Russia got rid of the Feudal system in the early 19th century. Some Protestants like the Anabaptist were the first communist they took over a city and imposed communism in the 16th century. Some Protestants are free market. Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox who view the middle ages as the height of civilization are not as pro-free market. Eastern Orthodox countries accept communism faster even though millions of people in the church were killed in eastern Europe and the communists almost took over Greece in the 1940’s. Roman Catholic Italy had a lot of communists in power in certain regions or cities.

  3. could it be that the US Poor is better off than the European middle class that helps fuel this? These people are desperate (by design) and must buy into the whole class warfare as well.

    We are heading in the same direction. People who give up freedom for security deserve neither…founding father (sorry forgot which one!)

  4. I, for the life of me, cannot fathom why any individual wants to be controlled by another individual. Are they that insecure with themselves that they cannot make a rational decision about their own lives? I ask that question time and time again and never get an answer.

    If you can’t live your life without dictation that is fine, but I am very secure in my body and don’t need someone else telling me what to do. Don’t push your insecurity and irrationality on me, go see a shrink, get over it and let me live a FREE life.

    1. It’s been like that since the Middle Ages though. People tend to value stuff and security over liberty. I remember reading about how the people in the Middle Ages tended to prefer being serfs to being free (there were some free peasants back then) because back then, they tended to be more well off.

      I prefer making my own decisions. Evidently there are tons of people that don’t agree with me.

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