"The Phoenix Economy"

The new fascism very reasonably explained.

Green business, government and environmentalists working together to transform your world.

Complete and utter crap.

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21 thoughts on “"The Phoenix Economy"

  1. These kinds of thinkers see the world from a very simplistic approach. There is no God ("semi-religious nutcases"), and therefore, whatever future lies ahead for the world, lies in their superior intellectual hands. They see it as incumbent upon themselves to track a course for all of humanity. The USA is full of the same semi-religious nutcases that these people abhor. We are the ones holding the world back from this new world order they keep touting. As long as we remain strong, we slow the social structure necessary to care for the 10 billion people they expect in 2050. Thus, Obama ranks high among these people, because he is piloting our rapid decline to create this change they want. Once we are hungry, we will realize our God is less important than the local bureaucrat in charge of food rations. We'll accept any control if we need healthcare or food or shelter or a job. In the meantime, if it takes Islam to bring us to our knees, then so be it. They'll straighten that faction out after they deal with the real problem…Christianity. Socialists are rather simple-minded and fairly easy to anticipate.

    Anyone that doesn't see what Obama is doing to our country, is either blind or stupid or both. He means to destroy our Constitutional government. That's why he isn't concerned about elections.

  2. …To achieve this, Sustainablist policy focuses on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control.

    There are four very specific routes being used.

    In the rural areas it’s called the Wildlands Project;

    In the cities it’s called smart growth;

    In business it’s called Public/Private Partnerships;

    Excellent article by Tom DeWeese whose been fighting this for over a decade.

  3. Such people always refer to things like "there's going to have be a lot of failures" completely in the abstract. It's as if the likely implications of this rapid fire approach of trial and error won't include the ruining of lives and indeed nations. However, I think it's far worse than that – it's not that they have failed to consider these wider implications, it's that they have indeed considered them and summarily concluded that they will be acceptable in pursuit of their Utopia.

  4. This kind of production is just plain sinister; an extreme message delivered by a seemingly logical, reasonable spokesman.

    I totally agree, complete and utter crap…This doomsday he is painting is not, and does not have to happen. By his work, and that of his group, he is actively cultivating this scenario, not just observing it as he would have us believe. What he is saying is entirely insane. He is trying to construct the classic lifeboat or 'vault' situation, where his kind can 'discard' of all the elements of society they dislike, and carry foward only the 'chosen'. To this end, his methaphors are simply disgusting; by dead polits he is clearly refering not just to dying industries, but a widespread collapse of society and population. And, naturally, this must all be state sanctioned ~ lets not involve all those pesky little people in these decisions, who will ultimately suffer while we breeze on through…

    As a Briton, I feel I must apologise for inflicting his kind upon the world…

  5. And mind you, GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline) will not be reducing their profits to lower the price of their drugs to 3rd world countries. Nope. Citizens, you already subsidize drugs for the rest of the world. (Why else can Canada sell them cheaper than in the US? 'Cause Canadian import restrictions mandates it and the drug manufacturers spread the losses over the rest of us.) GSK will simply raise the price to you again.

  6. Who is John Galt?

    I think a line he forgot to say was, "The sooner most of those people who disagree with us realize that they are destined for the gas chamber, and simply accept their fate, the sooner the entire world can progress to a more harmonious existence."

  7. Communitarian thinking at its best! If you do not know the term, look it up. It is the Trojan Horse ideology that has spread through corporate America, government, Associations and even Churches like a cancer. In this case, most Doctor's don't even know what it is, let alone how to stop it.

    My pixie dust factory is scheduled to open next week. I hope I can make it in time to be on the Phoenix 500 list.

  8. This "gentleman" says that the many of these astronauts return as "semi-religious nutcases".

    I would beg to differ as to who the real nutcase is. The person that sees the incredible complexity of the universe and believes that there must be a creator or the person that believes that the universe is one gigantic accident.

  9. Did the Supreme Court know this Jefferson quote when they ruled on the Second Amendment recently?

    "A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks." — Thomas Jefferson

    MLK was right about how to deal with tyrants.

  10. im sorry i couldn't get past the 2 minute mark of the video when i heard him say that obama and california ranked very high. california is bankrupt and obama is bankrupting the rest of the country. whats so scary is so called intellectuals like this guy dont get it. i can hear reagan say there you go again.

  11. As the late, great Ronald Reagan said, "It's not that they are not intelligent, it's that their knowledge is wrong!"

    People who think like this guy are the problem!

  12. More socialist crap from the "Thought leaders." Didn't you just love that term? These elitist commies really do believe they are smarter than we the "unwashed masses." Historically, everytime these elitists show us a "better" way people die. But I guess that's the price for Utopia, in their minds.

  13. who is this piece of human trash? you sir are a cancer. i hope GSK" competitors make a drug to take your sort of ilk out of our world. what excites me mr ahole is that we will start reversing this communist mindset in november here in the USA. Religous nutcases? Circle of Blue? WOW we are so fucked if WE THE PEOPLE of the world DO NOT stand up for our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and stop this NWO bullcrap from staling our rights and liberties as human beings.

  14. when will this world wake up? Our lives as we know it have already been "fundamentally transformed" against our will and principles of Liberty and GOD GIVEN freedoms. Thank you Trevor! I pray for you so that you can keep doing your important work.

  15. Obama has been acting like a one term President all along and I bet it's because he's expecting to move to Europe, or better yet, Turkey and become the new "Dear Leader" of the this "new World Order" this bozo is talking about. I wouldn't mind if Obama wanted to speed up his future. Why doesn't he just resign from the U.S. post and take on the new "Dear Leader" of the World role? We Americans are obviously not evolved enough to be true socialists. Leave us alone and let us try to restore our constitution and our liberties and prepare for the "Phoenix Economy" and for the world beating a path to our door once they've taken over.

  16. How many 100s of millions died in the 20th century at the hands of this evil.

    You are right about the "utter crap". I would add, utter evil.

  17. I believe these people don't care or are looking forward to at least half of the world population "going away" so they can proceed with the new "green" economy.

  18. This is a lot of ridiculous, magical thinking from a detached and overly educated fool . Apparently he isn’t worried about his family being directly impacted by all of this disastrous transformation .

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