Can You Spare a Few Dollars for this Worthy Cause?

My friend Jeremy Hoop is working to raise funds this holiday season for a single working mother with two kids who is fighting breast cancer. Would encourage you to consider supporting Jeremy’s efforts to assist her with the $617,000 cost for her treatments. Here’s the situation.

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My wife Wendy and I have a friend, Carrie Ann Kemp, in her early 40s, , who has breast cancer. She’s a single working mother with two kids–recently divorced. She’s uninsurable–she had a stroke years ago and no company will insure her–and is in desperate financial straits. The cost of her chemo is $617,000 for 22 treatments, not including radiation or her surgeries (mastectomy and reconstructive). She’s broke. She had her mastectomies, and her first round of chemo, and had to be to work the next day. She had to use her Christmas money and raise money on Facebook just to meet the minimum payment on her first treatment.

I wrote and recorded a Christmas song this year called “How Did We Get Here”, about Mary and Joseph and how they must have felt in the days leading up to the birth of the Christchild. My wife and I decided we’d like to use it this Christmas season to raise money for Carrie Anne. I’ve asked some of my amazing musician friends to join me and Katherine Nelson, Alex Boye, and Aaron Edson have each included wonderful songs.

Now through the end of this year, we are offering these songs for download. You can name your price, and 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO CARRIE ANN TO HELP HER WITH HER MEDICAL BILLS. If you can, please, go to to listen to and download the songs. The music is really beautiful, and with your help, we’ll all be able to do something even more beautiful for Carrie Ann. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this, and God bless you for what you are able to do to help Carrie Ann!


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