HuffPost Parrots Communist Propaganda

Watch the video below for some real modern communist propaganda.


Huffington Post “debate” moderator, Alyona Minkovski (ex-Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today), discusses communism in today’s America with two Communist Party USA leaders, a socialist blogger and one brave conservative commentator.

Minkovski notes that the words “communism” and “socialism” have become once again commonplace since the 2008 election of President Barack Obama, as “right-wing” politicians have accused the Democrats of moving the nation toward these types of societies.

Additionally, polls have shown that Americans are increasingly favorable toward socialism and communism, at least in theory.

“It’s very silly and a desperate attempt to try to smear Democrats because of the history of anti-communism in this country,” Communist Party USA Vice Chair Libero Della Piana said of the charges against the Democrats. “The right wing in this country has always used anti-communism as a way to shut down progress and to shut down positive legislation and to shut down discussion. It goes back to the McCarthy period and long before that.”

Another Communist Party member, Dr. Norman Markowitz, a professor of history at Rutgers University, also speaks in defense of the communists. Opposing him, Della Piana and Truthout contributor Sam Sacks, is Benjamin Shapiro, a syndicated columnist and author of Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting our Youth and Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America.

Watch how Markowitz and Della Piana try to defend Obama and the Democrats, by minimizing their own influence and making a joke of the issue.

To the public, the Communist Party USA tries to appear moderate and even occasionally at odds with Obama and the Democrats. In reality, the Communists and Democrats are working hand in glove, mainly through the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

To their own membership, the communists emphasize their commonality and call Obama their “friend.”

Despite facing four opponents, Shapiro does a good job of countering the propaganda. He does make one mistake, common to many conservatives, in conceding that capitalism has an inherent flaw – the so-called “boom-bust cycle.”

In reality, pure free market capitalism leads to steady, even, consistent economic growth indefinitely.

“Boom-bust” is caused by state run or state chartered central banks, manipulating interest rates and/or tightening credit, in order to cheat basic market forces. In other words, socialism is to blame for “boom-bust,” not capitalism.

To check out some of the many key Democrats with links to the Communist Party USA, go to the KeyWiki bios of John Conyers, Danny Davis, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich or Rosa DeLauro.


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