4 thoughts on “Pat Condell on the “Intolerance of Diversity’

  1. Nothing too important to add here. Just wondering why an atheist is saying someone should “go to hell”?? What hell would he be referring to? Know it’s “just a saying”, but I’m just saying..

  2. I’m what I would describe as an Ayn Rand atheist Conservative. I couldn’t agree more with Pat. The truth is these Leftists have infiltrated and co-opted genuine atheism to use it as a foil to diminish Western culture. Genuine atheists don’t see atheism as a cause that needs promotion.

    Frankly, these loudmouth mischievous malcontents give atheism a bad name as they do with every other “cause” they hide behind.

  3. Well put, but out of touch with our historical foundation. “Nations” are founded upon principles of UNITY, not “diversity” which is a divide and conquer strategy. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Our principles of unity are found in the 2nd Federalist Paper: “A society of kindred blood relatives descended from a common ancestor; speaking the same language; and PROFESSING THE SAME RELIGION.”

    Theology being the mother of law, every nation’s Organic Law emerges from a religious dogma of some sort or another. Ours is founded in the Bible (see: P. L. 97-280).

    Accordingly, this nation was never intended to include everyone, just “Ourselves and Our Posterity”. As seen above, our Founders were all Christians; the “nation” they founded was for other Christians; the institutions of our government had Biblical origins historically traceable to the Magna-Carta.

    This country was not founded for atheists. Their beliefs are incompatible with “Americanism” as defined by our Founders – the premise that our rights come from God (as stated in every State Constitution), are founded in Nature (not government), which pre-exist the state.

    This country belongs to, and is the birthright of, only those who share the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. It wasn’t intended for anyone else. It is ir-relevant if atheists are offended by our Christian founding; this is not their country.

    To deny God is to deny our absolute right to be free, and our very identity as “American”.

    Surely, atheists are entitled to their own convictions of conscience, but they are merely guests in the house of the Christian “host”, they have no right to demand that the “rules of the house” and our founding principles be abolished in order to accommodate their foreign and alien beliefs. This country was not founded for them.

    Atheism was considered a mental disorder and a form of insanity at the time of the Founding Fathers. Early founding laws, such as in Pennsylvania, incorporated warnings “that atheism may not creep in under guise of conscience” as it is incompatible with “American” ideology.

    Communism is founded on atheism. If atheists are offended by our Christian character, they should move to Cuba, North Korea, or China where things are done their way.

    1. That is a fascinating viewpoint. Frank is correct in his point that Atheism was not considered a protected right by the Founding Fathers. Quite the contrary, it would have been seen as a threat to the civil society.

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