To Be Taken With A Grain of Galt

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

As America slips into a modern version of Atlas Shrugged, I felt it appropriate to address the ever-increasing Nanny State in which we find ourselves ensnared and the blatantly unconstitutional Commerce Clause interpretations that are destroying the very fabric of our nation.

From Ayn Rand:

The clause giving Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce is one of the major errors in the Constitution. That clause, more than any other, was the crack in the Constitution’s foundation, the entering wedge of statism, which permitted the gradual establishment of the welfare state. But I would venture to say that the framers of the Constitution could not have conceived of what that clause has now become. If, in writing it, one of their goals was to facilitate the flow of trade and prevent the establishment of trade barriers among the states, that clause has reached the opposite destination.


A complex legal system, based on objectively valid principles, is required to make a society free and to keep it free — a system that does not depend on the motives, the moral character or the intentions of any given official, a system that leaves no opportunity, no legal loophole for the development of tyranny.

The American system of checks and balances was just such an achievement. And although certain contradictions in the Constitution did leave a loophole for the growth of statism, the incomparable achievement was the concept of a constitution as a means of limiting and restricting the power of the government.

For over a hundred years, the Progressives have plotted and planned a Marxist takeover of our country. They have done it through our legal system in dribs and drabs – gradually making a minor change here and a minimal concession there. They have positioned Progressives in every position of power imaginable… from banks to politics, schools to media. As a battle plan, theirs is long and comprehensive. Patience is a weapon utilized over time and they are masterful at it. While most Americans live in the now, this has been a political chess match for the Progressives and we are very close to checkmate in their favor.

With the bastardization of the Commerce Clause which was used in healthcare legislation and is being put forth also to limit second amendment rights, this Marxist behemoth is wrapping it’s barbed tentacles around the Constitution’s throat and squeezing for all it is worth. Our elite leader’s no longer care about our individual rights and the laws governing us no longer seem to apply to them. Everything from insider trading to the appointment of Czars and just bypassing Congress – the Progressives feel their time has come and they are seizing that power any way they can. They are just itching to re-write the Constitution and to give absolute power to the government in all areas.

Our country has been based on a number of key principles:

  • A belief in God. (Yes, I know Rand was an atheist and I don’t care.)
  • The Constitution.
  • Capitalism.

All three are anathema to the Left and they are actively seeking to destroy these pillars that we have built our house on. I would argue all three are the lifeblood of America, but Capitalism is our beating heart that keeps us alive. For a long, long time we have suffered under a mix of Socialism and Capitalism, with the emphasis more and more on Socialism. The more government expands, Capitalism shrinks and along with it our freedom, independence and creativity. The Progressives would snuff out these lights of individualism worldwide given the chance, plummeting the world into a hellish Marxism geared towards a few elite and enslaving the masses for their benefit. This has been their goal from the beginning and we, in our naivete and comfort, have let it progress almost to fruition.

All around us we see businesses failing, people unemployed and families suffering. The cure for this is less taxation, less government and less regulation. Instead of concentrating on the word ‘fair,’ people should fixate on the term ‘freedom.’ Freedom to succeed or fail, freedom to live as you wish as long as you do not harm others, freedom to create and ascend. Instead, we have turned our faces towards the golden calf of government to take care of us. The only ones that take care of an individual should be himself and God, with family and community as support – not the State.

When this country began, everyone worked for himself. Mass employment (a form of servitude) was not widely implemented until the Industrial Age. Have we forgotten how to fend for ourselves? Have we forgotten the freedoms bestowed on us as Americans by God? The question of the day seems to be, ‘Who Is John Galt?’ As for me, I view all of the events of today in America to be taken with a grain of Galt. I’m getting ready as all of our economic sand castles begin to shift and fall. Are you ready to be free again?


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