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Bill Gates Urges Obama to Embrace Global Tax

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media When Barack Obama was a senator, he proposed a Global Poverty Act to fulfill the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals….

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EMP Nightmare: How Iran or North Korea Could Destroy America with a Single Bomb

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB

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The Real Class War: Jimmy Hoffa, Ohio Union Bosses Won’t Lower Dues to Help Workers

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB From Big Government: In Ohio, as union bosses have embraced Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) class war between the “99 percent”…

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The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watchers Council Results – 11/04/11

The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in the akashic…

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