The Marxist radicals behind anti-Trump protests in England

Bianca Jagger, Signatory of the ‘Stop Trump Coalition’ letter posted at the Guardian

The London branch of the Marxist Women’s March, which is closely allied to Black Lives Matter UK, was a prominent organizer of the anti-Trump protests last week, in addition to a group of far-left radical individuals and organizations seeking to ban President Trump from visiting England called the “Stop Trump Coalition,” which included several columnists from The Guardian and numerous Labour Party politicians.

One of the more prominent Stop Trump Coalition organizers is Marxist Nick Dearden, who advertised for anti-Trump protests on a podcast hosted in part by self-proclaimed “communist” Ash Sarkar, who gained international attention for telling Piers Morgan that she was a communist, earning her media adoration and kudos from Elle and Teen Vogue.

Watch the video:

Elle Magazine refers to Ash Sarkar as a “hero” for telling Piers Morgan that she is a communist

Listen to the show with Nick Dearden:

Here is Ash Sarkar with her comrades:

Girls hold sign at Anti-Trump Protest in London

Stop Trump Coalition

On February 1 2017, The Guardian posted a letter signed by the “Stop Trump Coalition” which incoherently ranted at President Trump:

“Donald Trump’s presidency is turning out to be every bit as dangerous and divisive as we feared,” they lamented. “The rhetoric of his campaign and his early executive orders have sparked a wave of fear and hatred. Those who are often already marginalised and discriminated against – especially Muslims and migrants – have been particular targets for Trump.”

The letter continues to decry President Trump for failing to address “climate change,” “discrimination,” and “disarmament.” Further the letter, which was actually published at a so-called respectable news organization continued:

“Racism, sexism, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, war mongering, climate change denial or policies designed to boost the wealth of the already super-rich should not be rewarded or celebrated in this country.”

The letter was signedby self-proclaimed “socialist” and columnist at The Guardian Owen Jones, British Labour Party politicians Shabana Mahmood MP, Ed Miliband MP, Tulip Siddiq MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Rushanara Ali MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Mhairi Black MP, David Lammy MP,  Hywel Williams MP, Clive Lewis MP, Tim Farron MP, Melanie Onn MP, Bianca Jagger, and chair for “Abortion Rights” Kerry Abel (who spoke at the rally) to name a few (full list here) .

Kerry Abel, Chair of “Abortion Rights” (YouTube Screenshot)

The media coverage was clearly biased toward the Marxist protesters:

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan were some of the leftists praised by the Marxist-Leninist “Workers World Party” in a favorable article about the anti-Trump protests.

Is there a difference between the mainstream media and the communist press?, the Workers World Party website, breathlessly quoted Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn: “We’re asserting our rights to demonstrate and live in a world that’s not divided by misogyny, racism and hate,” He declared. “I want to live in a world where refugees are not blamed for the wars they are victims of.” The Pro-North Korea Workers World Party continued to gush that protesters “strongly defended London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, who has been the target of racist attacks by the U.S. xenophobe in chief and the ultraright in England for his statements sympathetic to migrants.”

The hashtag  #CarnivalOfResistance was used by the protesters.

The media suppresses conservative viewpoints, in case you haven’t noticed. Not all Brits were happy with the Marxist protesters and their useful idiots.


Author: renee nal

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7 thoughts on “The Marxist radicals behind anti-Trump protests in England

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  2. I wonder how British pussies think they’re going to “stop Trump.” It’s not like we’ve ever needed England’s advice for anything. Meanwhile, we can enjoy watching themselves commit suicide while they jerk off over their illusions of sanctimonious virtue.

    1. Just remember, the media controls the narrative. There are plenty of patriotic Brits who don’t get the spotlight. Those who support #FreeTommy and #Brexit are a good place to start.

  3. Chaziel Sunz took 2 years to discover infiltrators into the Black movement. He names ANTIFA, the Left, Soros, Democratic Party, Clinton’s, anyone who doesn’t like Trump as being used to manipulate them emotionally to do their dirty work. They are controlling the narrative. Chaziel says it like it is. “The Left is going to war against the Right.” He speaks for 15 minutes.

  4. I’m a right winger. I’ve seen many treaties and alliances forged between the Soviets & leftist American leaders. They’ve all been a sham; the envisioning of leftists of a ‘dreamer’ (read: delusional) frame of mind. Yeah, dialogue is good. Acquiescing to Soviet propositions is farcical. The Soviets real policy is merge w/the West, then dominate & any treaty just brings us closer to their real intent. It’s almost laughable that ‘Bernie-bots’ are warning us of the dangers of any pact/working together, for that is what they truly want. To the point of a merging set of entangling alliances which are near impossible to undo. Hence media portrayal of Trump as conservative, when he is actually a populist, playing to the conservative base. I don’t have a real problem w/Trump denegrating ‘our’ intelligence services. As they’ve become leftist tools, seeking to undermine cherished concepts such as freedom, liberty and habeus corpus in our great country. I do have a problem w/our intelligence services having swung so far left; to which Trump could have waited till he drained that swamp to reflect on their ‘bent’.

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