14 thoughts on “Conyers Addresses Atlanta Marxists on the “Occupy” Movement and “Broken” Capitalism

  1. John Conyers is another person we need to prosecute after we install and new president into the White House.

    Inciting riots as an elected leader in the Federal Government should get him 15-20 years.

    We can only pray, that Newt Gingrich becomes our leader in the WH in 2012. I think he is the only person with balls to round these people up. Proving what these people say should be no problem because their are plenty of videos showing their faces and recording their words.

  2. The Occupy movement seem to grow stronger each day and what’s more amazing is that it is now spread to many states and many countries even in Asia. The only negative thing is that a lot of people are taking advantage of this peaceful movement, the arrestables are trying to make the movement sound negative.

    1. Peaceful movement????? REALLY…..Ed you are delusional as much as the MSM. Daily rapes, sexual attacks, murders, defecating on police cars……… Video of ‘How to get arrested’, video of ‘who is on the list to be arrested’, video of protesters being paid, video of protesters not understanding the reasons they are there…… Infact, educate yourself a bit http://biggovernment.com/jjmnolte/2011/10/28/occupywallstreet-the-rap-sheet-so-far/

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