Trevor Loudon’s Dream Team for 2016 Big Hit at SC Tea Party Convention

By: Matthew Boyle


MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — Conservative activist and author Trevor Loudon riled up the crowd to kick off the South Carolina Tea Party convention in a Saturday speech with a proposed dream team he offered for conservatives to “put the federal government back in its place.”

First, claimed if the GOP nominated New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, conservatives will lose no matter who wins the election, as they’d be left with a choice between an establishment Republican or a Democrat.

“If you get a fat boy from New Jersey or a Jeb Bush, you’re going to lose,” Loudon said. “Because progressivism rolls on.”

“But you people have the power to make something different happen,” Loudon added, directly addressing the Tea Party activists in the room.

Loudon argued that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) should be the leader of the future conservative presidential team and that conservative activists like those in Myrtle Beach are desperate for real leadership in America. He added that any candidate who gets the nomination in 2016 should unite all the wings of conservatism and excite voters to want to go to the polls—unlike how Mitt Romney and House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) failed to turn out millions of registered Republicans who, if they had voted, could have swung the election.

“You’ve got all these people out there, folks who are waiting for leadership,” Loudon said.

Loudon proceeded to detail who should comprise the conservative dream team to take back America.

“If I were Ted Cruz, I’d go out there now and starting picking my team,” Loudon said. “I’d go to Allen West and say ‘I want to make you my VP.’ For the libertarians, I’d go to Rand Paul and let you do what you do. For Secretary of Energy, Gov. Sarah Palin. Drill, baby, drill!”

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) should be the Secretary of Defense, Dr. Ben Carson the Secretary of Health and Human Services, radio’s Mark Levin the Attorney General, and David Barton of Wallbuilders the Secretary of Education, Loudon argued. “Ambassador to the United Nations, no one,” he added, prompting one of many standing ovations the hundreds of Tea Party activists in the room gave him.

“Would you guys get motivated by a team like that?” Loudon asked the audience.

“Yes!” they shouted in response, many of the hundreds in attendance on their feet.

Loudon said Tea Party activists need to do everything they can going into 2016 as this might be the last chance to save America.

“I’m asking for two more years because the very least you’ll be able to do is look your children in the eyes and say ‘I gave it everything I got,’” Loudon said.


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11 thoughts on “Trevor Loudon’s Dream Team for 2016 Big Hit at SC Tea Party Convention

  1. I’ve been all behind Ted Cruz cheering him on until Infowars pointed out that his wife works for Goldman Sachs in Houston and that she is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Now I’m a little more skeptical. Maybe Infowars has a hidden agenda but her bio from Claremont McKenna College can be found at where it lists her affiliations (including the CFR). The point of the Infowars article was to be very careful as conservatives because the perfect “con” is one that blindsides you and is totally believable. Is it possible that there’s more to the Ted Cruz story? Could he be our version of Hope and Change who just came out of nowhere? I would love for him to be “the one” but we need to carefully “vet” those we are willing to fall in line behind. We are living in a world of deception. (Here is a link to the InfoWars article:

  2. Why should Obama be eligible to be our president (father born in Africa, mother US citizen), yet Ted Cruz is not (Father born in Cuba, mother US citizen)? Cruz was born while his parents were in Canada, but he is still a US citizen by law. He had dual citizenship, but is denouncing his Canadian citizenship. The man has espoused the Constitution since he was a child and truly believes and upholds it. This is what America needs. We have strayed so far from our intended government system (checks and balances), that we are losing our freedom. He has proven that he is someone who will stand up to the Progressives and will bring us back closer to the Constitution and the “rule of law’ to preserve that freedom.

    1. Obama’s lack of ability to qualify as a Natural Born Citizen is the point. He is NOT qualified to be president and congress has made itself a party to a crime, treason and/or sedition, by approving him to run. Thank you Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They are all accomplices to the single biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American citizenry and they have furthered the fraud by allowing him to sign bills into law, write executive orders and live in the peoples White House. Every person in congress who voted to certify Obama has president commited and act of treason against their own oath of office by failing to uphold and defend the Constitution.

  3. I would happily vote for Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Herman Cain and perhaps a few others. Ted Cruz would seem to be exactly what the ‘other party’ (meaning Tea Party Conservatives) needs. But if it turned out that he didn’t qualify to run for POTUS any of those I’ve mentioned would make WONDERFUL candidates IMO!

  4. People are hurting so much now, they shoudn’t want to vote for ANY Democrat. Conservatives will need to step it up tho in educating voters not only on why they are hurting but, offer them real solutions, real help so that we may heal as a nation. Having a Commie in our White House should never, ever happen again!

  5. Except that Ted Cruz is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and therefore not qualified to hold the office of president or vice president.

    1. Sad but true that Cruz is not an NBC, since, without a doubt, NBC means born within a country of both parents who are citizens when you are born Cruz can be anything but Pres or VP and I’d love him to play a role in a constitutional administration, but, then again, what is wrong with him serving as he is now or in other ways. He could be a Governor for example.

        1. I am so glad that you brought up Obama. He is not constitutionally qualified to serve as President of the United States, but I am sure that you know that. I live in Honolulu and you can imagine how popular such a statement made me when I first started writing articles about Obama a few months ago, but now even some local people are starting to get it! You have no idea how much I want this man impeached but this Marxist wart is deep and even if we were successful in extracting him from Office, another unconstitutional thug will probably pop up. Anyway, I do what I can and I very much appreciate Mr. Loudon’s work. Aloha!

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