Will Canadian Conservatives Win On Oct. 19?

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival

With Barack Obama as U.S. president, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has emerged as the leader of the Free World. Brian Lilley of The Rebel.Media discusses how Obama’s campaign staffers are helping Harper’s political enemies in the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party. Lilley says Harper has focused on the economy “and moving incrementally in a conservative manner.” He countered a socialist proposal for a national day care system with tax credits for parents. He is tough on illegal immigration but open to legal immigration. Gay marriage and abortion-on-demand are realities in Canada, but Harper has stopped euthanasia, Lilley says. The former commentator for the Sun News Network also discusses why the channel is now defunct and how people can support TheRebel.media as a conservative alternative in Canada and around the world.


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