9 thoughts on “The great Palestinian lie

  1. I thank you for telling the way it truly is. All do not realize that that the name Palestine was a Greek Roman name for that whole are BC all has to do is read history and the name for the ones that call themselves Palestians came to that name in 1967 and Arafat was not even from that area. Smart cookie. Lies lies lies that is all they know and have the oil money to spread it. Again I thank you for this tape.

  2. This man speaks the truth…I cannot add anything to his well articulated presentation. Unfortunately, the leftists are deaf to this truth.

  3. First of all, thank God for truth tellers not afraid of being accused of the Orwellian “hate-crime!” Secondly, this whole speech could be about the current crop of leftists in the US who preach hatred of the US, and who would like nothing better than to stop conservative thought, speech, and probably eventually conservative lives all over the world. Insanity and immaturity rules. Their mommies never told them that life is not fair, I don’t care what anyone else does, only what you do, whatever you do, do it well, and happiness comes from within and from a job well done!

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