Please Help in the Battle Against the “Occupy” Movement

Brandon Darby is a former anarchist radical who saw the light and began helping the FBI in countering terrorism, including foiling a bomb plot designed to disrupt the 2008 Republican convention.

Lee Stanahan is an ex liberal activist and former Huffington Post contributor.

Both men are now committed to the fight to help their country defend itself from the radical elements now so clearly showing their hand in the “Occupy” movement.

They’re both friends of mine. Both friends of America and of liberty.

Do you see the threat posed by the #Occupy Wall Street movement and are frustrated by the mainstream media’s blind support for it? Do you want to see the truth about #Occupy come to light?

Help us out right now with a donation.

BrandonDarby and I have been working to expose the truth behind #OWS with numerous articles that have made news – this includes…

•     The expose of anarchist leader Lisa Fithian

•     The emails cache that blew the lid off of #Occupy

•     Revealing how a New York Times reporter was really an #Occupy advocate

•     How #OWS founders agree with Glenn Beck that the endgame of #Occupy is violence

Because of our backgrounds as liberal activists who became disgusted with liberal lies and bullying, Brandon and I are both very familiar with the tactics on the left. This is one of the reasons that we’ve been able to break some major stories so far.

We believe the pace for us to be as soon as possible is on the ground in New York.

We are going to NYC this coming weekend – in just a few days – with video cameras and some hard questions. We will be there this weekend in the belly of the beast and post video next week. This is despite the threats we’ve already gotten.

We have been raising money to pay for the travel costs. We’re almost got them covered but we need your help.

If you want to expose, #Occupy Wall Street please consider helping out.

Please donate now:

PS — EVERY liberal group is raising money by supporting #OWS- they have raised hundreds of thousands so far. That’s what we’re up against and that’s why it’s so important to push back.

Please support this important project with some cash. These guys do this stuff out of patriotic concern. They put their bodies on the line for you everyday.

Please send them a donation today.

Trevor Loudon


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3 thoughts on “Please Help in the Battle Against the “Occupy” Movement

  1. Hahaha, more Right-wing Conservative fear mongering.
    I wish all you RWC could agree, you say we’re a threat, but your friends at FOX say we’re dopes. So which is it?
    I can’t wait until you dinosaurs finally die out.
    Up with OWS down with corporate greed!
    Don’t forget to save for your retirement, we’re gonna pay back our student loans with your (over charged) health care.

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