3 thoughts on “Is the Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating the American Government?

  1. My stock answer to Americans who claim Obama is a socialist or even worse, a communist, is Americans wouldn’t know a socialist if they fell over one. I’m a social democrat and proud of it. In a small economy and society like New Zealand it has been necessary to use the power of the state to run an education and health system. The private sector has never been able to do so in NZ. We had what was called the mixed economy – the state doing what it was good at and the private sector doing its part. I think, and I may be wrong,Obama is actually looking at that to ensure that the 45 million Americans who have no health cover of any kind, will get some health coverage even if they can’t afford it. Other Americans will have to stop being so bloody selfish and support Obama’s ideas. Billions, possibly trillions of dollars are spent on the arms industry. Surely the health of their fellow Americans is important?

    The 99% Occupy Movement appears to be a section of Americans who are tired of being ignored and not listened to. They are critical of the banking industry that pays out millions of dollars in bonuses despite the problems in Wall Street. Of course militants are hanging onto their coat-tails, but not leading them. Have an open mind. Now the suspicions of Islamic infiltration of the American system probably has some fact to it. Radical Islam is the biggest danger to Western civilization – because they want to destroy our civilization and culture. See you later!

  2. And now O’traitor is sending our military to central Africa to help Muslim governments fight against the Christian rebels. Specifically The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony.

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