Forum: What Is Your Prediction For The Outcome Of The Trayvon Martin Trial?

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The jury for the Trayvon Martin case has been seated… six women, five white and 1 Hispanic.

What Is Your Prediction For The Outcome Of The Trayvon Martin Trial?

Rhymes With Right: Frankly, I expect the jury to hang. Surely one juror will be adamantly supportive of conviction after the trial is completed. Surely one will have unshakeable reasonable doubt. Lord only knows what the remaining four will have to say — but it does not matter. Just having those two is a recipe for a hung jury.

What happens after the verdict will be more telling than the verdict itself.

Despite predictions by the racist lawyer representing the Martin family, whites will not riot over the outcome. With encouragement from racist leader Al Sharpton, blacks will likely riot over this outcome. The Obama Regime will not wait for the state of Florida to conduct another round of this political show trial, but will instead conduct its own show trial in federal court — trying to make it clear to its core constituencies that it cares about minorities and is sticking it to whitey, despite the fact that the Hispanic Zimmerman is 1/8 black and has the no more white ancestry than Barack Hussein Obama. Zimmerman will ultimately be railroaded in federal court even though there really is no federal issue here and even though the evidence is ambiguous enough to make his version of the story believable and the government version doubtful. The minute that the two major forces of evil in contemporary society took up the Trayvon banner, this outcome has been inevitable.

Weekend Monkey: I tell yah, primates. You have to get a clue and throw out the idea of this making common sense and rub your snouts in the warm, fetid aroma of this stuff making political sense! Being a political animal, I got a real nose for this kinda stuff.

Looky here… why do you think the Bamster jumped into this mess with both feet, hmm? And why do you think that after he did that, all of a sudden the city manager (who just happens to share a similar complexion and party with the Bamster) fires the white police chief and everyone started running around like baboons in heat to appoint a special prosecutor, come up with some kinda case? It’s all about pleasing one of my Democrat’s chief constituencies. Politics, primates… EEEEEE-YAHHHH! Hee hee hee!

But since Trayvon is in gangsta paradise right now, or somewhere else, there ain’t really much of a case. Trayvon ain’t talkin’ to anyone. Only Zimmerman really knows what happened, so normally he’d walk. Also, the prosecution knows they probably ain’t gonna get a conviction. But that can’t happen because the politics won’t work and will make all the politicians involved look like a bunch of red-assed, red faced mandrills, y’know?

So they’ll use what weapons they have.

Zim-Zim is one broke white Hispanic. Lawyers gotta get paid, they don’t lie and connive for free unless they work for the government. Since Zimmerman’s chances of coming up with enough additional shekels to keep him from playing drop the soap with a buncha hard time lifers is somewhere between slim and none, and his lawyers could bail and leave him in the hands of the PD, which would be like putting Mr. Bill in charge of a girl’s school. So the prosecution has leverage. Also, Zim Zim has to know that even if he beats this rap, the Bamster has Holder and the DOJ working on a civil rights case against him for using his gun instead of letting Trayvon Martin play football with his skull. So there’s that going too.

I say it’s at least 60-40 we don’t even get a verdict on this one. Zim Zim’s lawyers want to move on to more profitable capers where they might get paid. The DA doesn’t want to deal with either the hoo-miliation or the possible street theater that would probably result from a hung jury or an acquittal…

So I say Zim Zim cops a plea for a lesser charge, (say involuntary manslaughter) in exchange for a short sentence doing easy white collar time somewhere, the DOJ calling the doggies off and maybe even a waiver of civil liability from the Martin family, or what passes for it. Everybody gets a little somethin somethin, everybody saves face. Yeah, and justice or something that smells enough like it so it doesn’t really matter prevails. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Later, Primates!

JoshuaPundit: No way I’m topping that.

Well, there you have it.

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5 thoughts on “Forum: What Is Your Prediction For The Outcome Of The Trayvon Martin Trial?

  1. This is one of the comprehensive article that I’ve read so far. Really it shows how a good lawyer can impact a case and keep it stronger on our side. This article brings back some memories of mine when I was in a family dispute and I approached a local lawyer after being refereed by a friend. I must say it was one of the best decisions of my life ever.

  2. It’s amazing how you can write this and then publish it. But no hard feelings toward you. You have the right to state your opinion. But it’s good to know that you are not God or we would all be in trouble. But what’s more important is that God loves you and I do too.
    And yes I am a proud Black woman

    God Bless you and keep you

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