6 thoughts on “COWBOYS & COMMUNISTS (under a cowgirl moon)

  1. Being from the state of Texas, the state most associated with cowboys, I can attest that having a “cowboy” mentality is a pretty good thing. A cowboy is a person for whom a handshake is as good as a signed contract, who understands that some principals are timeless and who knows the difference between pride and vanity. But most of all has a deeply rooted passion for freedom.

    Many people, including elites, the North-easterners and world leaders looked at our last president and felt he exemplified the cowboy mindset: cocky, simple-minded and unsophisticated. But Texas is the California of the 21st century because we aren’t those things. Texas is an amazingly dynamic place that has been able to move forward in history retaining what was true in the past and embracing the progress of the future. Not bad for a bunch of “cowboys”.

    True, I’ve been a naturalized Texan for about 34 years and am a bit biased I guess. But where else can you have some of the best Tex-Mex food, receive care from the world’s largest medical center (Texas Medical Center) and attend a world premier opera (Houston Grand Opera)? Oh, and if you need one, a job.

  2. Thank heavens we have come along way from the 1800’s. If we were still of that mentality, then most democrats would be 6 ft. under because they don’t believe in gun ownership. Republicans would rule the land… YEEHAW!

    Makes you wonder eh? LOL This cowgirl has 3 guns, and no one is EVER going to take them away.

    Good video..graphics were excellent, just wish the words were sung louder.

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