10 thoughts on “America’s Survival TV – Fox News, Soros & Glenn Beck

  1. If only Kincaid thought the “security crisis” is that there is too much security and not enough liberty. Benjamin Franklin warned that those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both. I appreciate the efforts to expose Soros, the commies and the UN (all insidious threats), but Americans are losing their remnants of liberty to the Security State, too, which has begun to turn on its citizens.

  2. The venom displayed here just shows that their tactics are working. While the globalists stay focused, they turn us against each other. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

    Agenda 21 is where the focus must be. With it, they will destroy America and bring us down to third world levels. But, as long as we fight each other, we LOOSE!

  3. Frank, I think you misunderstood what Don was saying. He was spot on and not trying to change the subject. George Soros would not have Don in one of his (George’s) thousands of “destroy America” organizations. Lighten up. We have many enemies to our freedom. Save your anger for them.

  4. Don, And your dribble about what the second amendment is and is not has what to do with the FACT that George Sorose is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to destroy the United States?

    I guess the question needs to be asked..How much are you being payed by George Sorros to change the subject?

    You’re Pathetic…

    1. Frank, When are people going to wake up that the Rothschilds and Geoge Soros are running not only the USA but the entire world! just Google “Israel Did 9/11 – All The Proof ” also Google “Your Enemy George Soros” and another one “All Roads Lead to Rothschild” Kincaid is against RT and Al Jazeera, why would you believe the US media? just Google “Zionist Dominance of U.S. Mass Media” they own all the media including FOX, until the US flicks Israel they’re are DOOMED to a 3rd world status!

  5. I wish people would get an education and stop their dribble. THe frist amendment is a protection from GOV. intrusion, not a protection from PRIVATE individuals/Corperations. People, please read a book.

    1. The whole Constitution was meant as a protection of the people from the government. That is why B.O. has seen it as a list of negatives.

    2. I recommend you read Ayn Rand. Govt IS intrusive. Being educated in a union controlled institution will definitely indoctrinate the poor fools.

      As a matter of fact Labor Unions are controlled by pro communist leaders that don’t care a thing about causing business to go bankrupt because they are anti capitalists that only care about their own control, monopoly, or cartels.

      America is great because of capitalism. Big government will end up communist.

      At least you are reading conservative websites, that’s a good start.

    3. Don, you need some additional education. I believe you meant to type ‘drivel’. Not only is your assessment incorrect, you need a vocabulary lesson. George Soros is, perhaps, the most dangerous person in the world and is behind this push for a New World Order – and I promise, you won’t like what happens to our wonderful, ‘currently’ free United States of America.

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