3,500,000 Hits!

Just passed through 3,500,000 hits. I remember when I started this blog in November 2005, being excited about my first thousand.

Then it was a dinky little Kiwi blog, which focused mainly on promoting free markets and exposing the New Zealand left.

Today, I focus largely on US politics, because that is where the front line in the fight for freedom is these days.

Not long ago, the US was an impregnable fortress that used its unmatched wealth and military might to protect its friends and allies from the bad guys of the world.

Today, the bad guys have snuck in through the back door and are now running the US Democratic Party, much of the US media and most certainly the White House itself.

Many people fail to see that if America fails economically, military contraction is inevitable. This will in turn embolden the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Cubans and all their third world and Islamic allies in their holy mission to destroy and conquer what is left of the West.

That is why every freedom lover on the face of this Earth has a vital interest in the outcome of the US presidential elections of 2012.

Thanks to all my readers, supporters and donors for their ongoing encouragement, loyalty and friendship.

Kind regards all.

Trevor Loudon

From a supporter - Cape Canaveral, Florida


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20 thoughts on “3,500,000 Hits!

  1. I find it interesting that one of the most important voices fighting for American freedom comes from New Zealand, not America itself. The clarity with which you are able to access “good” and “evil” within our country is vitally important to the fight we have ahead of us.

    You undeniably exemplify “the power of one.” Thanks Trevor.

  2. Congratulations Trevor,

    I’ve been following your blog since the early days and don’t miss a post. I used to comment often but don’t have the time these days.

    The blog has grown exponentially for one single reason, the content. Most blogs are just opinion sites but New Zeal does investigative research that often beats the professional media at their game.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Reid of America

  3. Congratulations Trevor! Been reading for 2.5 years, and you’ve broken a huge amount of info in that time. We appreciate it so much over here. (Oh, you’re here too right now, aren’t you?)

  4. Congratulations. This is an astounding achievement and shows that you have make a tremendous contribution to our awareness of the true threat to the US and the world.

    Your blog doesn’t just give opinion or whine about things. It has given us real information that has exposed so many threats. Thank you so much.

    I hope that your trip to the US will continue to spread the word. I know your visit to our tea party meeting will do just that (Somerset County, NJ, Tea Party, October 19, 6:30 pm). We are very excited about meeting you. Anyone interested in attending should contact me.


  5. Congratulations Trevor! I’ve been a fan for a long time, having found you when I was trying to research some of the people Glenn Beck was exposing. Keep up the amazing work, you are absolutely, undeniably, indispensable! Thank you so much!

  6. Our unmatched “wealth”? We’re $15 trillion in debt and that’s not even counting the unfunded liabilities. What “wealth”? We’re bankrupt and both parties had a hand in it. We haven’t been “free market” in a century and it all started in 1913 with “The Federal Reserve Act”. We were removed from the gold standard. We pay for world welfare and defense even as we’re going broke. We pay for everything or at least it all goes on our credit card. Half of the U.S. are on some form of government hand out and many of the welfare recipients won’t go to work and expect everything to be provided to them for “free”. America is dead. We’re Europe now: Socialist and hedonist. Fat, lazy, stupid and broke. It’s time for other nations to pay for their own defense.

  7. Thank you for caring not just about your own country but our. Knowledge is power. Thanks for giving us knowledge.

  8. Congrats on the milestone! Thank you for all that you do. We are in such serious trouble, God help us. Praying for more time to prepare.. Thank you Trevor, God bless you.

  9. Congrats on your success Trevor. I’ve been reading you all the way.

    News for today- Look up Lawrence O’Donnells partisan interview with Herman Cain. There is a lot of work to do out there exposing the extreme left affiliations of the mainstream media.

    O’Donnell and his ilk are at the heart of the confidence trick the left have played on our culture.

    One thing that has disappointed me-

    You never took up the Obama illegitimacy fight. Maybe you think its a fight that cannot be won, but I reckon one must fight deceit and dishonesty and fraud from the left wherever you see it.

    Never mind. Despite that, you’ve done a great job, and I can’t thank you enough.

  10. Congrats ! Amazing how your site has grown !
    I suspect you will be hitting 5 million hits sooner than you think…

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