Communists Push “Immigration Reform” – Only the Tea Party Can Stop Them

Though the Communist Party USA is way smaller than the Tea Party movement, they have the unions in their pocket and are focused and disciplined.

They fully intend to take back the House and hold the Senate for the Democrats in 2014.

Another huge priority for the communists is passage of immigration reform through the House.

Communists, immigration reform/May Day rally, Los Angeles, 2011
Communists, immigration reform/May Day rally, Los Angeles, 2011

The Party intends to target vulnerable Republicans to pressure them into voting for what is effectively amnesty and voting rights for illegal aliens.

From a Communist Party National Committee report July 1, 2013:

What is the best immediate contribution the Communist Party and YCL can make?

A Time for Unity in Action

Joelle Fishman, Chair Political Action Commission, Communist Party USA

On the front burner in Congress are immigration reform….Every battle is being fought out in the context of the 2014 elections.

The tea party depends on the 99% being divided. They attempt to create divisions between the labor movement, racially and nationally oppressed, women and youth. They depend on fear and confusion.

A strategic contribution of the Communist Party and YCL is showing why class solidarity and unity are essential to win victories, and helping bring people into action before the 2014 elections.

The decision by AFL CIO and SEIU to join with immigrant rights organizations and organize May Day marches opened an educational process and resulted in a new level of unity. It strengthened the pressure for passage in the Senate and for the ongoing struggle in Congress to enact comprehensive reform that includes legalization and a way to citizenship. That unity is even more necessary to maintain in order to challenge further militarization of the borderlands and to stop deportations.

The Immigration Task force of the Political Action Commission is preparing a list of vulnerable members of Congress who have taken anti-immigrant positions and may be subject to pressure based on the population in their district.

Why is the Communist Party so hell-bent on “immigration reform?”

Because they understand that Latinos vote a least 70% Democrat. That 12 million more Latino voters will turn the entire Southwest, including Texas, into an impregnable Democratic Party stronghold.

That will effectively turn the United States of America into a Democratic one-party state – for all time.

As the communists and socialists effectively control the Democratic party, it will be game over for liberty.

Every Tea Party group needs to be pressuring every wavering Republican in the House to ensure absolutely no amnesty for illegal aliens.

Even if you don’t know your own strength, the communists certainly do.

Without the Tea Party, immigration reform would have long been a done deal.

The Tea Party CAN AND MUST stop this treasonous deal going through.


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12 thoughts on “Communists Push “Immigration Reform” – Only the Tea Party Can Stop Them

  1. thanks Trevor

    even though the USA is still riding a speeding bus heading for the cliff, we still have to yell, scream, write, blog – anything to get them to change course…

    good on ya mate

    Debra P – you’re a patriot, thank you, too!

    1. Truthfully, I had not done my homework until Obama started campaigning for ’08. When he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America” the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I recognized that as commie speak. But I’ve learned a lot since then and grown a thick skin with dealing with the traitors and their utopian garbage. We need to get tough, REAL tough and even a little mean because if we don’t, soon the very land that we think our feet our firmly planted on will be ripped out from underneath us. Be strong to be FREE!!

  2. After Rubio caved on immigration reform, I noticed commenters on Senator Cruz’s Facebook applauding him (Cruz) while also warning him not to make the same mistake that Rubio did (example, don’t say one thing then do another). I think that is being proactive and what is needed…to let our politicians know both BEFORE and DURING their service, why they were sent to Washington and then continually remind that if at any time they should fail to pass the “sniff test”, then they are OUT. And this certainly should also be done NOW…before the primaries. Meanwhile and unfortunately, I think there are still a lot of Americans who need to read/learn history (both US/World history) and learn to recognize communism when they see/hear it. The commies are already trying to sound even “nicer” than before…as if they want to make friends with Conservatives, the TEA Party and just about anyone but, if people do not “know thy enemy” they will be bitten by them..

  3. I go on Blogs Right and Left, and I cannot believe how ea side will NOT go to the Middle for a common ground. A lot of anger out there at everyone. I have been called names for pointing exactly this out, that there is Communism in our Govt. You can look anywhere and see the Members in Govt. I have never understood why smart people allow Communist teaching Professors to numb our Youth, why we elect them. I don’t care if we are in a Free Country and have an Ammendment saying we are all to have Free Speech. If you elect enough of them, and let enough of them teach our kids, we land exactly where we are.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no “middle for a common ground”. Perhaps you are remembering a time in the past, maybe years ago but no more. For so long now those on the Right have been told to be more acceptable, more understanding, more patient, more flexible and open to new ideas and so, over the course of many years we did just that. And now look…we have Communists running the Country. It didn’t just happen overnite but it happened and it happened because we stopped believing in ourselves and principles. At this point and as hard as it may be to imagine, but if we want to go back and restore sanity and civility, we will first have to take the gloves off.

      1. I also wanted to add that being on blog sites (Left and Right) is good. Pay attention to the articles and their headlines and then what commenters from both sides are saying, particularly those who appear to want to “make friends” with each other. Don’t be fooled. Many on the Left will pose as someone on the Right and before you know it, you’re thinking that you are witnessing civility, a sort of friendship or alliance forming between the sides. Don’t fall for it. Keep vigilante and never give up your own principles to meet someone half-way in order to find “common ground”. Those days just no longer exist but it doesn’t mean we can’t work to bring it back.

  4. All:

    I have been outside the U.S. since 2010. My return to teach is coming up in June of 2014. I just hope the U.S. I remember is still there. It is time to reach out to each other and stop this madness once and for all.

    Bryan J. Albertson

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