#MillionStudentMarch: Marxist 1%’er Keely Mullen lied to Neil Cavuto

Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]
Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]
“Million Student March” Organizer (and Marxist) Keely Mullen told Neil Cavuto at Fox Business News Thursday that she comes from an “incredibly working class family” who are “already on numerous forms of government assistance and is basically scraping by in order to get me through college…”


But Mullen’s dad purchased a home for “little more than $1 million” in 2005 and Keely also attended the pricey Francis W. Parker High School.

Adding to the contradictions, Mullen previously described her family as “a white, upper middle class family.”

Mullen, along with her co-organizer Elan Axelbank, is a member of the “Socialist Alternative,” a Trotskyist group. While Keely Mullen and/or Elan Axelbank was quoted at the Washington Post, the Soros-funded ThinkProgress, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, among many others, the “journalists” in the mainstream media all forgot to mention that the organizers are Marxists.

As an aside, the “Socialist Alternative” was recently successful in re-electing Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council.

Considering the stunning amount of vastly positive national coverage, (Time, Reuters, Newsweek, USA Today among many others) the actual number of students in the streets seems to have been quite anemic.

Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]
Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]
Read more on Keely Mullen and the Million Student March here.


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26 thoughts on “#MillionStudentMarch: Marxist 1%’er Keely Mullen lied to Neil Cavuto

  1. No one owes you anything. I have earned everything I have, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give more of what i have earned to some snot-nosed, sniveling brat who has no concept of hard work.

  2. The problem is NOT the 1%! The government leaders around the America because he’s a socialist and is part of the corrupt world system! Keely is not very well informed and would never survive living in a socialist country. For the record, my family lived under a socialist regime before coming to America… quit living under the illusion of the college bubble! Real life is different then a college classroom! I worked hard and paid for my education… nothing is free!

  3. I just visited the Francis W Parker school site. The sweet cupcake Keely graduated from this high school. Annual tuition is $29,000 per year, and she indicated that her middle class family was on various forms of public assistance. My heart goes out for her. Her parents must be so proud! I hope she understands that when her proposals are enacted, her parents will be living in the back seat of a 197 Pinto!

  4. I want to know how her family got on all those assistance programs. After working my tail end off for 36 years as an RN, I was t-boned by a drunk driver. It took me years to get on disability and I went through my 401K paying off medical bills. I’m going into 2016 with nearly $26,000 in medical bills and still need 4 more surgeries. I also have to come up with nearly $4500 for the IRS to pay for her family to be on all those assistance programs. Guess what, psycho child. I am totally offended that you would put your education above our veterans, seniors and disabled who paid into the system not to mention our work force that actually works, many of whom are barely scraping by. I don’t qualify for all those assistance programs. I’m saving money, a penny here and there, just so I can get a wheelchair and a few assistive devices. I’d like to hire someone to help me clean the house because if I drop a piece of paper, I can’t pick it up. Guess what else, psycho child, Medicare isn’t free. Even after paying into the system for 36 years, I still pay premiums and copays for healthcare. Don’t whine and tell me education should be free. I worked two part-time jobs to go through nursing school and went back to school for higher degrees while working fulltime. Psycho child, you better develop a work ethic FAST. If you don’t, you’ll never be happy. Just remember that none of those programs are free. And fraud is a form of stealing. If you are on assistance when veterans, seniors, disabled people, and working families are going days in a row without food and, in some cases medications, then you are a thief. Shame on you.

  5. I’d like to see you and you family live on 2 disability checks like my wife and I! It’s LIARS like you are have caused this nonsense about white privilege! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  6. If her father can afford to purchase a million dollar home and is receiving any sort of government assistance I would think an investigation for fraud would be in order.

  7. lol The girl is either really really stupid and college has and will not do her no good or she is trying to defraud the system. Funny how all these marxist and democrats claim this retarded socialist movement and they have more wealth than half the population. Wow talk about morons. Really, it begins to look like the marxist movement is just what it was in other countries, lies in place to take control over every aspect of your life. Down with the marxist movement. Time to get tough with these retards.

    1. She is right on on3e thing, students should make $15/hour, I they are working Salaried 50 hours per week (overtime not allowed), maintaining a 3.997 GPA, carry a full 30 semester/quarter hours per term/semester, and need the job for their financial aid. If they are not maintaining a 3.997 or better GPA then they only deserve $3.50/hour, but have to maintain all other requirements to keep their job.

  8. Pay your dues just like thousands of people have going through college. It’s called WORK. The 1% that you want to pay for your college, I’m positive, WORKED very hard to get what they have today. When you graduate andare in the workforce, would you say I don’t think I should work for my paycheck? There will always be people that make more money than you. That doesn’t mean they should pay your way.

  9. They’re communists – enemies to our country and way of life. Tyrants if given the chance. Give’em all a shovel and a bullet.

    1. Excellent point! I think a thorough investigation into every single corner of the family’s finances is in order. 🙂

    2. That’s kinda what I was thinking. B!tch says her family is on public assistance so they can send her to college? College is hardly a necessity of life. And if they’re taking foodstamps/welfare while paying for college, someone needs to go to jail in that family.

  10. In the history of the Communists, the unattractive girls joined the ranks, the good looking one joined the fun living Bohemia….Socialists never got the hot looking broads….

    1. “Socialists never got the hot looking broads….”

      Neither did the National Organization for Women (NOW). What a bunch of dogs.

      And it’s not like any guys are going to love them for their whacked-out leftist mind.

    2. Really…is that the most intelligent thing you can come up with. I know you just wanted to be funny, I too was a class clown but this is High School Hallway material.

      1. No…they can do better…they’re picking the low-lying fruit. It’s easy. However…this broad is absolutely retarded. If you don’t get it I feel bad for you too retard. BASIC ECONONOMICS.101. TAKE THE CLASS.

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