15 thoughts on “Rep. Allen West and Friends – 9/11 Memorial

  1. Col. West is an incredible individual. He is brave, courageous and brillant. He makes the current occupant of the WH appear tiny and insignificant. I pray to G-d he runs for the President.

  2. Gene Robinson – President – Republican Club – Margate, Florida, U.S.A.

    Hello Gene,

    I just got back from HAITI, visiting and meeting top distributors like VALERIO CANEZ, S.A., and top members of the future parliamentary cabinet, such as the President of P.A.I.N. group, Agr Hebert Docteur, who is being picked as the equivalent of Minister of the Interior. I had the honor and privilege of staying “safely” with their families, in Port Au Price, as well as In Jeremie. Thank you for the opportunity to briefly explain at our next meeting, how we can provide a “sustainable working culture and business opportunities” in Haiti, and also provide thousands of job-opportunities for Florida businesses to participate in Haiti. I will be preparing a Delegation Report to the Broward County Commissioners, as well as to the office of Gov. Rick Scott, of how we can increase job opportunities in Florida, by doing business with Haiti.

    But today, Sept. 11th, 2011, is an important date, and that is the reason why I am writing to you, a fellow American, and who’s father, like myself, was privileged to personally know and love, Ronald Reagan.

    What would President Reagan have said to me, if he had seen the “Haitian spirit of survival” and their will to do business, every day, under the worst of conditions, and the constant reminder of misery ?? “Helping them is our duty as Americans, to do business, & not thru charity….because someday, they too will be Americans”

    What would President Reagan have said to me after reading what Rep. Allen West’s views on not allowing the MUSLIM faith to set up in America, while allowing their religious Koran-practicing leaders in Iran and Syria, access to constantly trying to “kill the American Dream”…..which they finally did, 3,047 innocent American victims, on this day, 10 years ago ?? “They are not Americans, they are religious fanatics that are not welcomed to be part of the American Dream”

    Recently, a Syrian-based, Koran-practitioner of the Islamic faith, by the name of RAED BAKOUNI, accused my company, TORRES & TORRES, of “fraudulent returns”, on the City of Margate’s Commissioner’s Campaign Report. Mr. Bakouni also used my image to personally attack my name by allowing CHANNEL 7’s HELP ME HOWARD/Patrick Frazier, and accuse me, while promoting his business, JIFFI PRINT, INC. Mr. Bakouni is using the public office of STATE OF FLORIDA’S ELECTIONS COMMISSION, as a means of collecting an incorrect amount invoiced to TORRES & TORRES, supposedly being $675.86. Not only is this an “incorrect invoice” to my company, TORRES & TORRES, but has nothing to do with Mr. Bakouni’s “CAMPAIGN FUNDS FRAUDULANT RETURN” accusation!!

    What does this all mean ? Should we allow a Syrian-based resident, that also has U.S. residency, and a practicing member of the Islamic-Koran religion, be able to have the same rights as any American ?? Should we question, and investigate his business, JIFFI PRINT, as a possible “SYRIAN-BASED-CELL” ??

    And should I, a former Cuban-Refugee, of Christian beliefs, and of the Roman Catholic faith, …and very, very proud to be an “American”, turn the other cheek, or look the other way while another attack on America is being planned, right in front of us ??

    Reagan would have said: “Not on my watch”…and I would have to agree.

    No religion has the right, to have the same rights as “any other decent and God-fearing religions”, here in America, if they were responsible for the training of 4 religious Islamic fanatics, to attack America with 4 aircrafts filled with innocent people, and cause so much bloodshed, tears, and a life-long hurt, in America’s hearts.

    Not now, not 10 years ago,…not ten thousand light-years from now. Never !

    See you Sept. 22; I will be in Orlando that weekend, 23rd and 24th Sept./2011, for the GOP “chats”.

    Thanks, Gene. Manny Torres

  3. I am proud that my husband and I were able to help financially in a small way Congressman West’s defense when he was prosecuted for doing his honorable duty for his fellow soldiers. I look forward to the day I can vote for him for President as well. God Bless you Congressman.

  4. Where are West’s teleprompters?
    I guess you don’t need teleprompters when you are speaking the truth and the truth is part of your core beliefs.

  5. Allen West is not only brilliant but reflects all that we love about this country in his courage, morality and conviction. I love this man. I hope he decides to run for President in the future. Bless Allen West. God Bless America.

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