Blood on the Streets? US Communists Prepare for Conflict, “Hellraising”

Violence and intimidation are coming to the streets of America – if the Communist Party USA gets its way.

Emboldened by their “friend” Barack Obama’s Labor Day speech in Detroit, the communists and their labor and “social movement” allies are preparing to confront the “Tea Party” and the GOP in the streets of America in an attempt to intimidate their way back into power in 2012.

The plan is simple. Obama and the Democrats will create large Federally funded jobs programs, which will be controlled by the unions and the left. This will create large armies of desperate and easily manipulated people who will owe their living to the “great helmsman.”

The left will then use these people to intimidate anyone who stands in their way. Though Obama will have funded these armies, he will exploit their aggressive demands for more handouts as merely an expression of the “popular will.” He will then give the “people” (i.e. the left) what they want – more socialism.

This was the strategy the communists employed in the 1930s under Roosevelt to move the US way to the left. The communists set up large armies of unemployed to march on Washington. FDR responded by setting up huge Federal public work schemes, which the communists then took over and used to build still more pressure for socialism.

The left used the same strategy in the ’60s under president Johnson’s “great society,” the second ever greatest increase in Federal power.

Now the communists plan a third and (they hope) final mass expansion of Federal power under second term Obama.

Communist Party second in command, Jarvis Tyner, makes this strategy very clear in an article he has just penned for the latest Peoples World:

Those who have not had a chance to listen to President Obama’s Labor Day speech in Detroit yesterday should make it a priority to do so. It is a preview of Thursday night’s speech before a joint session of Congress on the jobs crisis.

In both tone and content this was a fighting speech.

President Obama is expected to outline a program for job creation through rebuilding the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

If this type of concrete initiative aimed at creating jobs for those who are really suffering is realized, it has the potential to create the basis for united grassroots movements to develop.

A new upsurge of struggle involving millions of working-and middle-class folks potentially could develop that could not only make their lives better but take the political initiative away from the right.

It’s still the economy, and the president knows it.

A multiracial coalition of organized labor and civil rights groups along with millions of working families who are not in unions can be mobilized and activated in the streets, legislative halls and at the voting booth into a powerful force capable of countering the racism of the Republican, tea party Libertarian axis.

In Detroit, the president made points that he has not emphasized since the campaign. He said pointedly, “Our economy’s stronger when workers are getting paid good wages and good benefits.”

He continued. “Our economy is stronger when we’ve got broad based growth and broad based prosperity.”

Speaking to the need for a jobs program, Obama referred to the two parties working together last year. But, he added, if they (Republicans) don’t want to work together, “we’re not going to wait for them.”

In anticipation of the coming struggle, he challenged the Republicans to “prove the they will fight for tax breaks for the middle class as hard as you fight for tax breaks for the wealthy.”

He spoke in support of the unionized workers in Wisconsin and Ohio. He said, “as long as I’m in the White House, I’m going to stand up for collective bargaining.”

He spoke out against “right to work” laws, which are being pushed by the right wing in a number of states.

Trying to find compromise with the extreme right is like trying to reason with the politically irrational. So far those efforts by the president have resulted in concessions.

This struggle is not an academic exercise. It’s a power struggle around some basic class and democratic questions.

The stakes are high. Issues like taxing the rich, single-payer health care, saving public education, Social Security, Medicare and civil rights and saving the environment are life or death issues, especially for millions of working people.

This is a struggle that cannot be won without involving masses in struggle. The president alone cannot win the fight.

The Republicans will raise hell in the Congress and on the campaign trail about the possibility of spending tax money to meet the infrastructure and jobs crisis.

This time the progressive forces will not be caught napping: besides, the left invented hell raising.

The president cannot win this battle alone, just like FDR and other more liberal presidents couldn’t. That was one of the themes of Obama’s Detroit speech. He called on organized labor and the people to help win this battle.

Everyone needs to hear the speech he made on Monday and gather families and friends to hear his speech Thursday night.

As Sam Webb and others have written recently, I think a progressive political storm is building in the country against the right.

Obama’s speech in Detroit reflected that. Let’s hope Thursday takes this fighting spirit even further.

The communists rightly see the next fourteen months as the most decisive in US history.

If the “Tea Party” and the Republicans do well, the US will have a fighting chance at survival.

If Obama and the communists/Dems win, the socialist steamroller will be virtually impossible to stop.

the communists are going to do everything possible to keep their man in the White House. If that takes a little blood on the streets – so be it.


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32 thoughts on “Blood on the Streets? US Communists Prepare for Conflict, “Hellraising”

  1. This is all part of the great shift in 2012. Where will people’s hearts be? Which way will the country of freedom and prosperity *I hate using that word* go?

    Will this be the end of the world will we kill each other off in which only but a few lucky survivors escape or will we bring in a new era of peace and hope?

    Only time will tell so let’s sit back and watch the show unfold but first let me share with you our sponsors the Liberal TV regulations have forced me to share.

    (Loud commercials appear on-screen with heavy rock n roll music)


    (Commercial two) Vice President appears on screen:

    Are you tired of sitting at home bored in front of the TV without a job wishing somebody would do something about all this economy craziness in a simplified matter for the common man?
    (I do not know how you pay your TV bill to even be watching this)

    Has your friends dumped you for being unemployed?

  2. Wow. Listen to yourselves. The only ones talking about upcoming violence and radicalism are YOURSELVES. Instead of drinking the cult coolaid and reading bullshit propaganda on the internet written by batshit crazy loonies who WANT this to happen so someone will buy their book… Why don’t you do SOMETHING constructive? Why is this country turning to shit? It’s not the President’s fault. The President is 1 man. What can 1 individual man whose proposals in the senate and congress are continually getting turned by by the Right, do? It’s ALL OF US. All of us. Not 1 man. Why does America look the way it does? Look in the mirror. It’s you, and me, and your cousin Betty, and your neighbor Joe. It’s simply Americans becoming selfish, greedy, and ignorant.

    I read a great line today. “If you’re not paying for it, and you’re not buying it, you’re not the consumer – You’re the product.”

    Why don’t you turn all this ridiculous crazy energy into helping out others instead of pointing the finger? Fox News is HORSESHIT. MSNBC news is HORSESHIT. The person who write this article is full of shit and has an agenda lol. If you can’t see that, then maybe you can tell us what the weather is like up your own ass.

    Want to do some good for the world? Start by being a decent human being. Help out the less fortunate in your town. Help out your family. Donate to your local churches. HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN. The true evil people in this world aren’t taken a day off. Turn your swords to plowshares and help people. I hear this “Lock ‘n load” bullshit. Yeah, that’s what we need. More crazies and more guns. You’re all nuts.

  3. If that is what these people want, Bring it on! I don’t condone violence of any kind, but I am prepared to give these criminal type their up-comings.

    Preparedness has been on the minds of many a American’s these past two years, referring to what our D.O.J. Eric Holder (though the directions of Obama himself) was allowing the Black Panthers to get away with at the voting stations.

    Since then many have been buying guns and ammo just for this kind of occasion. These lefty Communist-Marxist bullies will try to scare the general US population, but we are ready for them.

    When Conservatives get this turned around, they should hunt down everyone of these Union thugs-Congressmen-Congresswomen-House Reps and put them in prison.

  4. The upside to them going to the streets and engaging in battle, i.e. violence and mob rule thuggery, is then we finally, justifiably, legally, and morally have the right to kill these domestic enemies to save our country, our lives, our families, and our property. America would be a much better place without the Left.

    1. You said well, what will need to be done. I hope this does not come to pass, but if it should many are ready for them and the ones who started all this will be targeted, first!

  5. This indeed is the time when the battle will come down to the choice the people of America wish to have for a future — big socialist govt or the restoration of our Constitution where the govt answers to the people.

    Most people say the administration, allied with the unions and the communist and socialist parties will soon strike out in violence. I have news for you, look at the various union strikes against the bank CEO’s (especially one where they surrounded the man’s house and were terrorizing his one young child stuck inside) while police were told to do nothing in response.

    Look at the longshoremans strike (damage to property and threats to journalists and non-union workers), and these various flash mobs who shut down the rapid transit in California.

    This is the pattern that will continue, only more vocal, more fierce, and much more dangerous due to them linking with social media across the nation.

    We are only at the beginning, and now with Hoffa calling for the cold blooded murder of Tea Party members it will only be a matter of time until they lash out in force to kill, not to intimidate.

    And at that time the admin will come down with a boot of steel upon the members of the nation who have dared to love liberty and make a stand for what is right.

    1. …and that is OK, too. The government will come down with a steel boot on the citizens of the United States, but many on them will die as many did in other revolutions.

      Many soldiers will die and many American’s will die, but at least the line will be drawn and the purpose will be clear to all. Freedom or Death is each one to chose.

      The Lord is on our side!


    Jan Kozak was a Communist member of the Czechoslovak National Assembly and for a time the Czech Communist Party’s official historian. Whereas early Red strategy sought to destroy national legislatures in non-Communist nations, Kozak, using the post-war Red takeover of Czechoslovakia as a blueprint, describes how an elected parliamentary system can be transformed by largely legal and constitutional means into an engine of revolutionary collectivism — without a shot being fired.

  7. I spent over 28 years in our military fighting communism around the world. I will gladly fit it here on the streets of America. They war, my fellow warriors and I will gladly oblige.

  8. The anarchists and Communists will join the Union thugs. The true believers don’t require much money; they are dedicated and will accept Soros money or a little of the union dues to help them get essential food and shelter. They don’t need “jobs” in the same way that we — who are not on the radical payroll — do.

    The fellow travelers will be there in support, but they will have jobs — so they’ll have to be a bit more careful.

    Many students and other naive “useful idiots” will be the tools.

    Then there are the angry young ones who haven’t any jobs. . . .

  9. Unfortunately, union bosses have the administration and the firepower of the government backing them, which is more effective than goons in the street. I suspect the recent raid by the DOJ on Gibson Guitars was a hit job on behalf of the unions. It was a military-style raid and as far as I know, no files have been charged. Gibson’s major competitor, a union shop, has never been targeted even though it uses the same source wood as Gibson. During the raid, the DOJ apparently implied that Gibson could avoid legal action by moving manufacturing from Tennessee – a Right To Work state – to India. This incident has the earmarks of union/mob intimidation. Can we rely on law enforcement if unions engage in violent or illegal activity? In the current climate, maybe not.

    Most union members are not motivated to violence, and eventually union leadership in collaboration with the government, will betray them. Their tactics and policies are chasing jobs out of the country, which compromises pay here, and some union pensions are already in jeopardy.

  10. Read a part of the letter that Alan Hart wrote in reply to Abe Foxman head of this zionist terrorist organisation ADL! people need to realize that this mob are as bigger threat to the USA as much as this Communist Party USA is!

    Dear Abe Foxman,

    In your lengthy article Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later, you label a number of named writers and commentators including me who say that Israel’s Mossad was or even might have been involved in the 9/11 terror attack as anti-Semitic, and you assert that they are demonizing “the Jews”. You also say: “Anticipating criticism, a number of these anti-Semitic conspiracists now try to immunize themselves against charges of anti-Semitism by making disclaimers up front about not being anti-Semitic. Their own works and record, however, blatantly contradict their innocuous self-characterizations.”

    I have to assume that I am one of the “number” in the above quotation because when you introduce at the end of your piece a few sentences of what I have said on the subject of 9/11, you do so with these words: “After pre-emptively trying to dismiss charges of anti-Semitism, Hart asserts…”

    I also have to assume that you have not read (surprise! surprise!) my epic book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, three volumes in its American edition ( Except those who are brainwashed by Zionist propaganda and deluded to the point of clinical madness, nobody could read this book and conclude that I was anti-Semitic. The first picture in it is of Golda Meir when she was prime minister, inscribed it in her own hand “To a good friend, Alan Hart.” Do you believe, Mr. Foxman, that old lady was so stupid that she couldn’t have seen through me if I was anti-Jew?

  11. “Life or death issues,” he writes. And he is guiding them toward activism “in the streets.”

    Readers, if you haven’t read Whittaker Chambers “Witness” and Stormer’s “None Dare Call It Treason,” DO SO ASAP.

    Chambers knew that the battle of our time would be this one: the battle between Constitutional liberty and the evils of Communism (even though they are cloaking it in new terms and in more “evolutionary” processes for organization and achievement of their nefarious ends — power over others). Chambers also knew that the Republican Party couldn’t win the battle because the true Reds are sacrificially committed to their “cause” — that only a group sacrificially committed to Constitutional liberty might have a prayer against their evil.

    Many of those who will vote for the Dems are “useful idiots,” falling foolishly for the “compassion” and “sustainable” cover.

    May God Hold Us in the Palm of His Loving Hands — and help guide us through this difficult future.

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