Top Communist Compares Koch Bros., Republicans, to Nazis — Wants to Make All of U.S. Like California

There’s a class war a-coming folks and a major part of setting the stage is demonizing the enemy.

Jarvis Tyner
Jarvis Tyner

In a recent speech to the party faithful, Communist Party USA number two man Jarvis Tyner compared Republicans and major donors to conservative and libertarian causes, the Koch Bros., to Nazis:

The extreme right Republicans have been the main obstacle to progressive change over the past 40 years. In alliance with the unreconstructed labor-hating Dixiecrats they have pushed war, racism, and austerity for working people while supporting the creation and cultivation of a whole new class of the super Billionaires who are at war with democracy. As I see it, the Koch Bros are today’s expression of German Industrialist like Alfred Krupp who was the big sponsor of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Tyner also makes it clear that the party intends to mobilize the country’s poorest sectors to make sure the Republicans lose the House in 2014 and the Democrat/Communist Party agenda is allowed to roll on to completion:

2014 is approaching. Most of the 60 million SS recipients are barely making it and should get a subsidy or some kind of raise. Not cuts. And they vote…

Comrades, we must be among those organizers that are helping the millions to find there way to struggle.

The struggle continues. The battle ahead is clear. To move things forward, the labor and people’s multi-racial coalition that won the day last November needs to be in the streets in large numbers.

Politicians who align themselves with that coalition have to present a legislative and political program that is worth fighting for. In the style of the New Deal: We still have to make them do the right thing…we have to up the ante on mass struggle.

It’s already happening but it needs to be taken to a higher level.

People are ready to do big things to fight for their survival.

They seem to understand that united struggle, building movements is the answer. Struggle can win…

Tyner then went on to discuss the Republican’s demographics problem and how the Communists could exploit it:

Just last Sunday on the McLaughlin Report Pat Buchanan described their problem. He said, “non white voters are now 40% of the population and 30% of the electorate, but they vote 80% Democratic.””This country is becoming more like California,” he added, in California, “only 30% of the electorate votes Republican and there are No Republicans elected statewide.”

All I can say is California here we come. To reduce the most vociferous and well financed force on the right to only 30% of the vote nationally is something to work for. The democratic and independent progressive forces would have more space to put up more quality candidates that would fight harder for the people. We could win the fight to democratize the electoral system that would open the door to real electoral independence. A congressional majority that would fight for labor rights, peace, economic and social justice.

And if we build our party as part of this, comrades,

Big change is gonna come.

This isn’t a GOP versus Dems battle. This is a gradual communist takeover of the United States, very similar to that which is now unfolding in Venezuela. The party aims to use America’s poor, its Blacks and Latinos to forever marginalize and disenfranchise the country’s once all powerful conservative majority.

If the Communists and Democrats are allowed to consolidate their power much more, there will be no voting them out – ever.


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4 thoughts on “Top Communist Compares Koch Bros., Republicans, to Nazis — Wants to Make All of U.S. Like California

  1. Isn’t it interesting how the EXTREME LEFT dis-own their own “Red-headed” step child the National Socialist Party, AKA Nazi Party and project it’s sins upon Conservatives.

  2. Yep, the jackass party has been successfully infiltrated and hijacked by the communists. This takeover began in the sixties during the Vietnam war, and from all appearances has been quite successful. Time to decide whether we want a Marxist USSA(United Soviet Socialist America) or a constitutional USA(United Sates of America). Your choice.

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