Gen Y TV Machining at Breitbart’s Rage

Gulag Bound

Andrew Breitbart Issues Wake Up Call To Gen Y

By Britt Hysen
Gen Y TV
In Big Journalism 

In complicated times, when even the grown ups can’t get it right, Gen Y TV sat down with new media publisher andNew York Times Bestselling author, Andrew Breitbart (Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world!) to gain insight into the man behind, the Internet media outlet best known for breaking the ACORN and Anthony Weiner sexting scandals.  Addressing topics from new media opportunities to the current political landscape, Breitbart discussed each topic with a heavy dose of reality as it applies to Gen-Y, specifically young adults 18-35.

“Gen Y is very much SCREWED!” Breitbart said with conviction, “when it comes to the raw economics of what my generation and the baby boomers have handed to you.” Regarding the future of Generation Y in new media, he took a more positive, yet cautious position, “There are so many opportunities out there if media continues to be free, and if the government doesn’t try to impede and say we’re going to put limitations on you.” Breitbart stressed the innate compatibilities between young adults and new media, and encouraged anyone with a digital camera to report stories from their community that the mainstream media isn’t covering.

In addition to asking a spectrum of questions on key figures and issues relevant to Gen Y, a quick round of word associations focused on everything from Media Matters to legalizing marijuana, President Obama to Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul. One provocative statement after the next, Breitbart delivered decisive answers in rapid response.

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1 thought on “Gen Y TV Machining at Breitbart’s Rage

  1. This is the Revolution that we wanted in the ’60s. The youth must realize that with “if it feels good do it” comes responsibility.

    With Liberty comes GREAT responsibility and there is evil in the world telling our kids that “we” screwed it all up and only they can fix it. Fix it by tearing it down to the ground.

    Don’t be useful idiots! Don’t be cannon fodder! All must stand together to defeat this INSANE NWO. Let us all remember that the left has been taking one bite at a time of the elephant that is the United States of America since about 1913 and we have only been awake trying to stop it for about 3 years.

    Don’t loose your cool. We must “teach our children well” and they will defeat Soros etal!

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