9 thoughts on “Loudon on Conservative’s Prospects

  1. Great interview of a good and great person. I have heard Trevor speak multiple times (I was his New Jersey sponsor for the last tour). If only more people had listened.

    Now it is guerilla warfare on our part. I hope that Trevor will help to guide us.

    Trevor…I’m glad you made it back to New Zealand in one piece. Its time to get reacquainted with your wife and children. Its also time to take a long vacation. Be assured that you are always welcome back here in New Jersey…hopefully there will be a New Jersey to return to.


  2. Conservatives need to work on becoming missionaries that teach and evangelize the conservative philosophy.
    It needs to evangelized to the young and old. Rich and poor.
    And the easiest way would be to do it through the churches.
    Pastors and priests need to grow a pair and teach that biblical principles ARE conservative principles.

    1. See, thought paths like this one will only get us more democrat communist rule. Time to get serious. Conservatives are too nice. Can’t beat these chicago thugs by pretending that good will win over evil. We have done just that for the past 4 years and look what it got us.

      1. I thought the same thing–that we needed to “play by their rules”–get aggressive, but it’s deeper than that.
        The left/socialist/communist agenda is behind the destruction of America and the way they win is by corrupting the only thing that has the power to destroy them–morality.

        Trevor is featured on the video “Agenda: Grinding America Down” and this must be watched by everyone, children to grandparents. We cannot win until we are educated.

        link to full length video:


    1. Yeah, we can no longer win while facing voter fraud from the left of the magnitude that was perpertrated on Nov 6th. Time for a new game plan. The idea of voting to fix things is over. Conservatives that keep on saying we have to work harder are starting to piss me off. I spend over an hour a day writing, studying, emailing, faxing, going to tea parties etc and I can not put in any more effort this next round. I still have a bisiness to run and try to keep above water but it’s getting very hard to do anymore. I am a New Zealander also, living in Indiana. I came here for better work opportunities years ago. If the people of America are slowly turning left, or the Communist party AKA the Democrat party are going to scam the rights of American voters away then I think I wil have to find a new country. But if they are willing to use the second ammendment to fix things then I will stand with them. But so far all they talk about is the same old game plan, and that won’t cut it for me.

  3. Trevor is bang on the money
    Conviction on conservative principles
    Telling the truth about our situation
    But practically all pols on either side
    want popularity so they get the lobby $
    Cruz… maybe
    Pence at the top with Cruz and the right
    people around them
    And getting the voting ballot clean is a must before anything else
    Anyone not prepared to call on that, marks themselves as a rino I don’t care who they are
    This election was stolen and the Repubs stood and watched

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