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An article from Karl at which incidentally got picked up by Drudge, and has since been updated several times with more amusing information on the Obama Administration’s re-birthed “Fight the Smears” website…

Yes, we’ve had two IRS audits since we started selling our Commie Obama hats, but that left us feeling hollow and unfulfilled.

Maybe this new initiative to seek out criticism of our Dear Leader will prove more rewarding.

Less than three years ago people were getting free kitchens and houses, and we were led to believe some of that Obama-stash was headed our way to fill our gas tank or cover our car insurance.

Now some of that commie love is coming our way!

What will we do with all our fame? Will we replenish our Commie Obama hat stash when it sells out? Winter is coming, and utilities are going up with the recent coal plant shutdowns. You thinking what we’re thinking? Yes! The Ushanka hat will now become the symbol of Obama’s America, just as it was for Lenin’s and Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s People’s Republic of China.

Where commies squat, the hat follows!

We’ll let you know when we are contacted by the Czar of winter headwear. The Commissar of Ushankas. The Main Directorate of the warm and furry hat.

Soon the lines will reach down the block and around the corner. Beat the crowd – buy yours today!

UPDATE 9.14 6am

First it was an email address:

Now it is a website where they rotate images of demons such as Rick Perry and Glenn Beck. Stalin would have LOVED this.

And an easy screen to report your friends the rich attacks:

The categories for attacks on our Dear Leader can be: TV Interview, Public Statement, Forwarded Email, Rumor, TV Ad, Video Ad, Radio Ad, Robocall and Website/Blog.

The last option is the one you should select when reporting us. This will forward our case to homeland security who will disable our domain and who will send a van to pick us up and take us to the train station. was very early in our Dear Leader’s reign, and it was disabled within a week. Think they’ve had some more time to think this through?

Our research (see books to left) tells us this: Commies are in-effective at business and running a government, but thrive in an environment where internal enemies are around every corner. And those efficiencies carry over to their remediation: trains, camps, gun confiscation and fear.

ReasonTV video in response to

Anyone still want to suggest our comparisons of today’s Democrat Party to Soviet Union leaders isn’t warranted? Unlike Krugman at the NYT and other close-minded libs, oiur comments are open.

UPDATE 9.14 9:50am

Our fellow right-wing-conspiracy bloggers are on the counterattackwatch:

NicDeb is tracking unintended twitter messages!

Michelle Malkin shows this is the third creepy effort by Obama.

IOTW – Heh.

Ann Barnhardt is begging everyone to turn her in. Here she is wearing our COMMIE OBAMA hat. Is there anybody now who doesn’t get the joke??

More to follow….

UPDATE 9.14 2pm

Moonbattery’s post, with selected Twitter comments!

The Twitter feed:

Someone’s lying about the president on TV right now. Wait. That IS the president!

I’d like to report the US Senate for not passing a budget for 800+ days.

Gibson Guitars are 100% American made..have DOJ raid them..oops u did that already

People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it?

Pssst, #attackwatch , I think someone is trying to subvert the United States by usurping our Constitution! Any suggestions? Ken-ya help me?

There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nut job

People keep saying Obama is a Keynesian, even though he was totally born in Hawaii!

I’m still using incandescent light bulbs !

Dear #Attackwatch: Stalin and Lenin called, they want their idea back!

Times like this, we wish we had a Twitter account.

And the first video is out. Found through NiceDeb:

Washington Post Blog: Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of the Internet.

It’s safe to say that in its 24 hours of existence, Attack Watch has already backfired in drumming up support for Obama 2012. This tweet summed it up: “Wow, not only are Obama & Co. incredibly thin-skinned, they’re paranoid.”

UPDATE 9.14 5pm

Video from HotAir story. AllahPundit predicts Attack Watch will disappear later today. We hope not – we haven’t begun to pile on!


Interestingly – AllahPundit scolded us (not us personally, but like-minded bloggers) back in May 2009 that we were extreme to use the word “Socialist” when describing the Democrats. We seldom read HotAir due to its squishy nature, so we’re not sure if AllahPundit has since started paying attention.

UPDATED 9.15 10am

Had to add these new twitter gems:

I’d like to report my neighbour – Bob, for surreptitiously scraping the Obama sticker off the bumper of his Prius.

Dear #attackwatch my neighbor won’t give me all her money even though she makes more than me. Look into this please.

Caught my toddler water-boarding one of his toys in the dog bowl.

New Timex #attackwatch…takes a lickin but keeps on snitchin!!!

My neighbor works hard, takes care of himself, and pays his bills on time. He’s definitely an enemy of the state.

It’s ironic that #attackwatch has only given Conservatives one more thing to point to as evidence of Obama’s Marxist totalitarian mindset.

Our thanks to Jim Messina, the idea man behind AttackWatch. He has shown us that we are not alone in our disgust of the Dear Leader and his policies.

UPDATED 9.16 10am

This is what was missing. AttackWatch is now officially a punchline.

UPDATED 9.19 7pm

Through Radio Patriot – we find! “When .com and .org just aren’t enough.”


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