TPX Wisconsin: “Fond Du Lac, New London, Merrill” Edition

By: Dave Logan

DAY THREE brings the TPX Wisconsin tour to three rally locations: 11 am in Fond du Lac, 2:30 in New London and closing out the day at 6 pm in Merrill.

Yesterday, the unions put pressure on a business located at the rally in Kenosha, but that didn’t stop TPX’s rally from being a success. The left feels the pressure building in this election battle and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Disruptive actions by the unions only validates the goals of the Tea Party Express. We’re on the side of right and they know it… and they’re afraid.

Tour embed Andrea Shea King will continue reporting in as events unfold today. After yesterday’s rallies concluded and everyone had some dinner, Andrea got to thinking about something that was missing from these rallies. Something that was so obvious, we didn’t notice at first. She put her thoughts to paper at her site – The Radio Patriot.

THANKS A MILLION TO: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom Blog, Trevor Loudon at New Zeal, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, I Own The World’s BigFurHat, Michelle Malkin and, John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit.

UPDATES for today’s rallies will fall in below:

*Fond du Lac rally –

More at ThirdWaveDave…


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3 thoughts on “TPX Wisconsin: “Fond Du Lac, New London, Merrill” Edition

  1. The “HYPOCRACY” of the “COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS” can be illustrated by their condemnation of the school yard bully, who intimidates and coerces with violent behavior the rest of the children on the play ground, and yet, these same “COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS” “CONDONE and APPLAUD” the very intimidation, coercion and violent behavior of the bully they so vehemently decry when the “COMMUNIST UNION’S” to whom they align their allegiance, to whom they are indebeted for their very existence, employ or utilize the same tactics upon “INDIVIDUAL SOVERIEGN AMERICAN’S”!

  2. Keep on rolling hard, fast and strong; for once the old DC guard is now in terror and seeking any options they have to retain power and keep in control of the nation.

    The thing we need to keep an eye out for is the part of when, not if, they start the final fall from power, they will decide a scorched earth move will commense; seeking to take down everything even as they go down as well.

    This evening about 8pm Eastern time will tell how the world will react for the credit reduction of America; and yet based on the markets of Israel, I am not going to get my hopes up.

  3. The Unions have become asylums for the mediocre, and havens for “COMMUNISTS”! Richard Dumpka, President of the AFL-CIO is just one shinning example of an avowed Communist and a member in good standing with the Communist Party U.S.A.! The tactic of intimidation these “COMMUNIST UNIONS” visit upon “AMERICAN’S” are those of Fascists! Their ultimate agenda is to deprive the “INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN” of their inalienable “RIGHT to LIFE”, their inalienable “RIGHT to LIBERTY” and their inalienable “RIGHT to PURSUE HAPPINESS” through coercion, intimidation and violence when necessary in order to realize their vision of a “MARXIST” utopia, and sadly, their “UN-AMERICAN” activity is heralded, even triumphed and protected by the “DEMOCRATS”! No “Union Communist” or “Union Communist Collective” has the right to deprive or prevent an “INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN AMERICAN” from pursuing his or her occupation because they refuse to participate in a “Communist Union”! That is “TYRANNY”, that is “FASCISM” and they are the antithesis of the reason this “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” was created! The term “DEMOCRAT” has become synonymous with “Liberal”,”Socialist”, “Progressive”, “Marxist”, “Communist”, “Environmentalist” and “Fascist to mention just a few disguised under the umbrella of “DEMOCRAT” and although each has its own peculiarities, they all harbor the same basic tenets!
    When 2012 comes around it is rather simple, ask yourself, “AM I A COMMUNIST” or “AM I AN AMERICAN”!

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