Paid Russian Agent Adam Kokesh Off Air – Does “America’s Survival” Deserve Credit?

Cliff Kincaid, President of America’s Survival reports:

Adam Kokesh

Supporters of paid Russian agent Adam Kokesh are blaming America’s Survival, Inc. for the termination of his show on Russian TV. His last program was on Tuesday night.

I have no way of knowing why he went off the air.

But I do know that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) received my complaint over Kokesh apparently violating U.S. law by using the Russia Today television facilities to raise money for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

You can read the complaint here.

Kokesh admitted he was a paid Russian agent in an interview with him that I videotaped and posted on YouTube. You can watch it here.

It is illegal for a foreign corporation to interfere in U.S. elections.

I will say this: we must guard against foreign regimes and their puppets interfering in our elections. That is why I filed the complaint. I wanted the FEC to investigate.

My friend Trevor Loudon covered the controversy in this article: Federal Complaint Filed Against Russia Today!

You can read his article here.

Trevor said:

America’s Survival, Inc. has filed a complaint over Russia Today Television network (RTTV) with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“The complaint states that RTTV provided air time for one of its employees, Adam Kokesh, to promote and raise funds for a 2012 American presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, in apparent violation of the ban on political contributions and expenditures by foreign nationals.

“The apparent purpose of this electioneering by a foreign corporation based in Russia is to divide and weaken the Republican Party as it enters the 2012 presidential election season, thus making it more likely that President Barack Obama and his political party will succeed.

“I love Ron Paul’s economic views, but he must start distancing himself from the likes of paid Russian agent Adam Kokesh.”


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12 thoughts on “Paid Russian Agent Adam Kokesh Off Air – Does “America’s Survival” Deserve Credit?

  1. Adam is not a paid Russian agent. Nice propaganda. He has very good points if the corruption of our government.
    He exposes a ton of stuff. He used RT to get his show out there in the open. He has no ties to the Russian government.

  2. Well then the answer to getting Obama out of office is to get Ron Paul as thr Republican nominee. Otherwise he will run as a libertarian and split the conservative vote enought to get Obama back into office.

  3. you need to get laid so you let free people be free and not worry about your neighbor. If you dont like kokesh or rt, turn it off.

  4. excuse me, but kok3sh is a complete no-talent, self-aggrandizing BORE.
    did you ever listen to his radio show when he was in new mexico? i could only stand about 10 minutes of it. so, then he prostitutes himself to the ruskies, and he is even too much of a bore for them.

    i guess he’ll just have to snivel up to medea benjamin and maybe he can get another gig with code pink.

  5. If it’s true that Kokesh was using his program to raise funds and that’s illegal, that’s a good thing. But I’m suspicious about Kincaid’s agenda. He seems to be generally gnawing around the edges in an attempt to discredit Paul’s campaign.

    I don’t care for Kokesh. I didn’t vote for Paul in ‘08 and his fanatic supporters en masse annoy me, but I’ve researched Paul’s positions, voting history and political contributions record and find little objectionable about him as a candidate. In fact, he seems like an exceptionally honorable politician (if that’s even possible).

    So does Kincaid have a political agenda? It sure seems so. For what entities is Kincaid a paid agent?

  6. “we must guard against foreign regimes and their puppets interfering in our elections”

    What an intellectually shallow argument.

    “paid Russian agent”

    Obviously he’s a marine turned Russian intelligence officer trying to trick people into voting for a terro- I mean Congressman Ron Paul.

    What a pile of drivel.

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