6 thoughts on “Interview With the Family of Deceased Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn

  1. God bless this brave warrior’s soul. Bless his family for raising such a special young man who truly loved his country that he gave his life for and grant all freedom loving Americans the strength and resolve that these fine folks have to be willing to die for their freedoms.

  2. I am glad this young warrior knew Christ. I pray that God the great comforter eases this family’s pain. And that the rest of the Special Ops guys still in theater MAKE THOSE BASTARDS PAY!

  3. This is such a travesty against the people of America! Those men didn’t die in a “random” crash! The global elite had to take them out, so there would be no witnesses to their fake Bin Laden raid! These monsters much be stopped, now!

    1. Michael Savage called this a HOMICIDE! I agree completely. There are too many thing that are wrong with this. They needed to be ‘silenced’….. think about it.

  4. America suffered a great loss in this attack. The Vaughn family is very brave and I am sorry for their loss. Thank a service person every time you see them, they represent the best of America!

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