5 thoughts on “Understanding the Declaration of Independence – 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know!

  1. I am reminded of a story about the French ambassador and his wife who attended a state dinner at the White House.

    During the course of the dinner, an American at the table enquired of the ambassador’s wife, as part of the discussion, what she thought was the most important thing in life.

    She promptly replied “A penis.”

    After a moment’s quiet consternation at the table, her husband leaned towards her and said, ” My darling, I believe that it is pronounced ‘happiness'”.

    I think that that’s true, and even if it isn’t, it should be.

    And I agree with Snow, this most important of political documents should be taught to everybody.

    1. The story you relate does have a very good lesson within it. It is by the knowing of our history, more than just dates and the events – or we will not understand the full story itself, as the lady did not in the pronouncing the word ‘happiness’ correctly.

      ‘Question with Boldness’ as one of the founders explained “even the very existence of God.”

      This is not the denial of the existence of God, it means to find and seek out the relationship we each personally have with him and his son.

      Read and study for yourself, take no ones word for it as the final answer for they may not have all the facts as well. It does not make them wrong, it just shows no one person on the world has all answers.

      In the history and living knowledge gained by study and research of these events, the people and the times can the picture be made more clear and personal…and we obtain the measn to make the changes happen that are needed, to avoid mistakes of the past AND to build upon the successes as well of what we did right – maybe not as right as they could be, yet to make it work as well as it possible.

      Question with boldness – consider the possibility our own views may have been wrong, or not contained the entirity of the story and facts.

  2. Well done indeed. This needs to be taught to everyone in the nation and kept alive with a reading of the Declaration along with the Constitution in the entirity, for all to hear and hopefully to be able to understand.

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