12 thoughts on “Obama’s Spiritual Mentor Jeremiah Wright: White Folks Are Liars

  1. Is this the same guy, who build a super mansion in the ‘white upscale and gated community??
    Hmmm, if white people are so evil, lie among other accusations, why does he want to live with them????

  2. The not-so-reverent, Reverend Wright is a messenger of the devil and as such is a liar in the service of the King of Liars.
    IF his attendees didn’t think and believe like this abomination of the word ‘reverend’ they wouldn’t attend and be yelling “Hallelujah” at his evil rantings.
    ‘Nuff said”.

  3. Jerimah Wright = Biggest. Liar. Ever. Imagine that…even topping the lying audacity of Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson.

  4. Lets see, based upon the words he has spoken and been recorded many a time doing so for all to hear – he is a radical, socialistic and hypocritcal excuse for a preacher who gives all of us a bad name that are called into the duty and service of God (and yes, that includes myself as a chaplain.)

    Judge the individual by the actions they do and the testimony of their own words; decide for yourselfs though.

    1. While he is all of those things, I think he has become addicted to the spotlight.

      If he has a glimmer of intelligence, he cannot possibly believe those things to be true, therefore he is being deliberately dishonest and playing to the gallery.

      A more interesting story would be; how many of his congregation believe him?

      1. NZKiwi:

        I would also love to know the survey answers to that as well, and one thing I can tell with confidence from the preachers own perspective that many of them believe him to a high degree.

        Most independant churches built around one charismatic leader or message – or a genuine nutjob in this case – tend to be filled with like minded followers for the most part. He is one though, who is speaking with the forked tongue from the devil himself – a master of self and other manipulation and control.

        He has succumbed to the best I can figure from his own words to the temptation of shaping the congregations beliefs and attitudes as he wishes, instead of showing and preaching to them as the Almighty will have.

        This man is ultimatly as dangerously deluded as Jim Jones and David Karesh were, in their own days.

        Mark my words on this, if Obama starts to be in danger of his removal from office via impeachment (yeah right, I know) or in the next election; this man will do his utmost to push for action on the side of the radicals to inflict as much damage as possible to whatever is left of the nation at that point.

        That is what makes these progressives and radicals so dangerous in the end, when they have lost control or power, or both, then they will go down in a final shove of winner takes all – they have nothing left to lose and so strike out to take down as much as they can with them.

    2. William,
      You have said it so well! Why is it people will follow such a man filled with hatred for this Country and its white population?

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