10 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips – Islam in Europe

  1. Her last book, “The World Turned Upside Down”, was so incredible that I bought 50 copies to send to friends and acquaintances.
    It spends equal amounts on this issue, the nuttyness that is Global Warmers and G-d vs. Atheists.

  2. The so called radicalization of Muslims is nothing more than Muslims following the instructions and teachings of their religious documents. Moreover, the West is experiencing an Islamic awakening from Continent to Continent. Why is this happening now? Because the government of Saudi Arabia is financing the world wide expansion of Wahabbism. Saudi’s are building Mosques in every county in the world. Saudi’s then send their Wahabbi trained Imam’s to lead these Mosques. With Wahabbism comes Sharia Law and the mission to conquer their host countries from within.

    I urge the Brits, French, Americans to wake the f..k up! Look around the world. You speak of Arab spring. Yet, you are ignorant to the fact that the Arab uprising is coming from the Mosques! Saudi’s are the enemy. Their evil goal is world conquest with the King as the head of the snake. Furthermore, I urge the Brits to re-arm themselves. Get your guns and ammo and prepare to take your country back! You must fight to survive because your government is impotent.

  3. Islam (surrendering [to God]) is a grammatical alteration of aslma, meaning to forsake, leave, desert, give up, betray, leave, abandon, deliver up, or surrender. The idea being that you aslma (surrender yourself [to God], deliver up yourself [to God], etc., then you become muslim (surrendered [to God]). Islam basically is the ing part of those words–surrendering, delivering up, etc. It’s important to understand the other usages of related forms of the root slm (you’ll notice those three letters in each derivative). slm means to be safe and sound, unharmed, unimpaired, intact, safe, or secure. sllm means to preserve, keep from injury, protect from harm. tslm means to get, obtain, take over, take possession. astslm means to surrender, capitulate, give way, yield, or abandon oneself. The thought being that if you surrender you’ll be safe and sound and have peace–and be surrendered (muslim).

    Islam was founded by war and conquest. It’s no coincidence that there are still people who think (in militaristic terms) that the World must surrender [to God (Allah)]. Not all Muslims think in militaristic terms like this, but it’s a tradition of Islam, and many do think like this.

    I must add, it’s not only bad social-economic situations that breed terrorism; many Islamic terrorist have come from very wealthy families.

  4. We need to hear more speeches like this one. People NEED to hear the truth. And wake up before it is really too late.

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