Ambassador John Bolton Takes On the United Nations

By: Fern Sidman

John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, had some strong words for the world body on Monday evening, July 18th as he delivered a broad-based foreign policy speech during the Chairman’s Club dinner at the sixth annual Christians United For Israel (CUFI) national summit in Washington, DC.

Speaking from the podium of the Washington Convention Center, Ambassador Bolton addressed the upcoming vote, scheduled for September at the United Nations General Assembly in which the Palestinian Authority will call for nation states to cast their vote for the establishment of an independent state.

“This effort is an attack on Israel’s legitimacy,” said Bolton adding that it comes as no surprise because “for the last two and half years, President Obama has been negotiating on behalf of the Palestinians.” Supporting Israel’s right to live in “peace and security,” Bolton said that the solution to the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict must by resolved by the “parties of conflict” and not by the machinations of the United Nations. He called on Congress to “pass a law taking the wind out of the Palestinian sails; and should get Obama to be an honest broker in Middle East peace negotiations and get his thumb off the pedal of the Palestinians.”

Reminding his audience of over 600 that this is not the first time in modern history that the Palestinians have attempted to declare their own state, he said, “In 1988, they (the Palestinians) did the same thing and then joined specialized agencies of the United Nations to further their agenda.” He also noted that the intended vote reflects a repudiation of US foreign policy and is direct contravention of UN resolutions 242 and 338.

Calling for the US to employ strong measures against the UN if it does something “profoundly wrong” by de-legitimizing Israel, Bolton said the US should tell the Europeans that if they adopt this resolution, there will be no funding for the UN. Back in 1988, former Secretary of State James Baker threatened any UN agency that funded the PLO, Bolton added. The US must state unequivocally that “we’re not going to give the UN legitimacy or authority in this matter and we’re not going to allow the UN General Assembly to have an effect on Middle East policy,” intoned Bolton.

Turning his attention to the rapidly unfolding political ramifications of the “Arab Spring,” Bolton said that while former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was no “Jeffersonian democrat,” he was loyal to the maintenance of the Camp David accords and to the US and added that he “was thrown under the bus” by President Obama. Reviewing the political path that Egypt has taken since the January 25th revolution, and the trouble it could spell with for Israel, Bolton said, “Even though Mubarak is gone, the military is still in control in Egypt and they have lifted the embargo in Gaza and have strengthened the Hamas/Fatah government. Egypt will still have full diplomatic relations with Iran and now candidates running for the presidency of Egypt have called for the Camp David accords to be ‘revised.’

Bolton also chided the current US administration for “losing our strategic vision in the Middle East” and called for Libyan strongman Muammar Qadaffi to be overthrown. “He (Qadaffi) has a nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program and his commitment to terrorism has made him a great danger to the United States.” Taking note of the fact that monarchies in the Arabian peninsula have expressed concern about securing President Obama’s support in the face of violently pro-Islamist demonstrations that have swept the region, Bolton said, “Iran has attempted to use the turmoil in Bahrain to their advantage and will not stop there.”

Concerning the burgeoning nuclear threat emanating from Iran, Bolton weighed in on this issue by saying, “Diplomacy and economic sanctions are just not working. Pointing to North Korea he said, “The US imposed sanctions against them and they have exploded two nuclear devices in the last 10 years.” Making several oblique references to the fact that overthrowing the Iranian regime would be in the best interests of the United States, Bolton said the unacceptable US attitude vis-a-vis Iran has been, “We don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons, but we can live with it.” Stating that the long-range agenda of Iranian nuclear proliferation is exclusively for purposes of terrorism and launching an attack on Israel, he said that the US cannot “accept Iran even having a small nuclear arsenal.”

“Even if Iran could be deterred from furthering their nuclear objectives,” said Bolton, “it is inherently an unstable regime that is not sustainable and no one is willing to address that.” Urging his audience to “take back our government and assert leadership,” he concluded by declaring that, “The most powerful force on earth is not nuclear weapons but an aroused American public.”


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7 thoughts on “Ambassador John Bolton Takes On the United Nations

  1. After reading the statement about the upcoming UN vote, I thought about the original vote in 1947. The Arabs rejected that plan, and it contained much of what is Israel today. Looking at the map given after searching for UN resolution 181, Israel wasn’t even given land close to Jerusalem, which has always been their capital throughout history.

    It is amazing to me that the world insists on Israel giving up its land, when the ARABS DID NOT WANT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Since 70AD when Israel was destroyed, no nation or people ever wanted that land. It became a desert with serpents and wild beasts.

    Before 1948, the Jews were BUYING the land bit by bit from absentee Arab land owners at premium prices. For the world to say that Israel stole the land is nothing but an out and out lie, but never the less, even the marxist indoctrinated American public school commies, I mean graduates, believe this as fact.

    Israel is completely alone in this world with the traitorous president we now have siding with the evil enemies of liberty and freedom. Many of us in America stand with Israel. I never thought in my lifetime that I would see the destruction of America and the betrayal of Israel, but here we are seeing it happen before our eyes.

  2. The United States needs to disengage from the UN, IMF, and World Bank. Bring our troops home. Secure our borders. Isolationism is not a dirty word. Let’s stop being PC and start speaking up to restore America to her rightful position in the world.

  3. Amb. Bolton should be president of the United States. He is a thorn in the side of the Liberal, RINOs and Progressives. Great speech. I agree with the posting.

  4. He is on the money within so many areas across the board.

    Israel has the right to exist; if the UN votes to give away the lands of Israel, or declare the nation to be dissolved, then nothing will be left to stop them from doing so with any nation opposed to them.

    Iran must not be allowed to have even a handful of nuclear warheads or bombs that would be used for blackmail and intimidation of their neighbours; ignite an arms race for them in the region, and almost guaranteed they will attempt to use them on Israel herself…and the fact of Israel responding in turn to the destruction of Iran.

    No matter what the administration says or does, we must stand as the people of the USA to support Israel emphatically.

    And as he states in the article for strong action to be taken against the UN if they go through with the de-legitimization of Israel; then the solution is very easy…tell them they have so many hours to leave the nation, and escort them off the place to the airports at once.

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