3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Keynote Speech, Christians United for Israel Summit, Washington, D.C. July 19th 2011

  1. Glenn is recirculating some words from other speeches. Saying all the right things to the right audience.
    Don’t get it wrong, he may really believe what he says and will do as he states, but none of it makes him a ‘good’ man or a christian in the eyes of God if he hasn’t accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    So far he has seemed to move from being a Mormon to being a Universalist in his acceptence of so many religions having the same god. The Black Robed Regiment he re-started on 8/27/2010 brought christians, jews, muslims, budhists and who knows what else together to stand arm in arm for peace, goodness, honor etc. Now he wants them and everyone else to come together and stand for ‘courage’ on 8/24/2011. He’s way behind the curve in courage and is hardly qualified to espouse it to the Israelies.
    I just pray that Glenn’s heart is turned over as a child of God and never hears ‘I never knew you’ from Jesus.

    1. You have no idea how Jesus see Glenn and rather wrong of you to judge. He may espouse Mormaism at some level but a man in recovery who seeks truth and hisnhigher paler is most instances meets Jesus. There are some saved Mormons you know. Hard to believe but there are. Those who are saved stay in the Mormon church because they believe they are supposed tomstay as a light to those who don’t know a personal Jesus.

      I am an ex Mormon who found Jesus 37 years ago. I left contact with the church but not the stuff that was biblically correct. As I am older and hopefully wiser in my aging years I understand that if God can use a donkey to speak with a prophet then he sure can use a willing man like Glen to speak to the masses. No he is not perfect, my guess neither are you.

      Respectfully posted in Jesus love.

  2. I am a Christian my Lord and savior was and is a Jew. The word of God was first brought to the Jew and then the gentile me. I am grafted into the Root of Jessie. I am forgiven by the grace of my Lord and savior. and because of this my God has said “I shall bless those who bless you” “and curse those who curse you” he said this to Abraham the father of the Jewish people the father of Issac the chosen of God. We do the latter at our own peril! Remember please only a fool in his heart says there is no God!

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