8 thoughts on “Glenn’s Last Show on Fox

  1. Thanks Glenn for the things that you taught me, but there was so much more Glenn you should have covered and didn’t.

    And I made me wonder why.

    Like the Frankfurt School:conspiracy to corrupt.


    And he did not cover the Real Lincoln:

    Judge Napalitano did cover this.

    I will not be joining Glenn on GBTV.It is just not possible.

  2. The problem is that GB is going to a pay to view system, at a time when too many families are cutting back and ending their cable or satellite services that cost $50 to over $100 a month.
    I was a fan of the show but will not be subscribing to GBTV if I have to pay for it. Hopefully there will be copies of the show pirated on the internet for the economically disadvantaged. You say why keep your DSL account if you are broke ? The answer is the kids need the internet for school work, otherwise I might end the DSL service too.

    1. I think the GBTV is 5 dollars a month. An expense yes but not as costly as cable. I might cancel my cable and keep the GBTV which is online. If we have DSL we can get GBTV.

  3. dear glenn…i will miss you. thank you for your perspective. thank you for your historical discoveries. thank you for being a great american!!! i will follow you where i can!

  4. GBTV.com is going to be something special . I cannot wait !!
    Glenn has provided en education to so many of us , we will be all forever grateful !!
    If it weren’t for Glenn I believe many of us would have never known you Trevor .

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