Help Turn Trevor Loudon’s Book Into a “Game Changing” Movie

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Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress is to be turned into a “game changing” movie.

Timed for release in August 2015, “The Enemies Within” will be like no other film ever released in America.

Production standards will be Hollywood quality.

Guiding values however, will be 100% American.

The Enemies Within will name names and go where no one has gone in modern times in its quest to awaken Americans to the enemies within their own government.

Help restore America by exposing its internal enemies.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 minimum, partially from investors and partially from our grassroots support base through crowd sourcing.

Go here to help us to fund and make this movie.


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10 thoughts on “Help Turn Trevor Loudon’s Book Into a “Game Changing” Movie

  1. Please hurry and release the movie as the midnight-hour is fast approaching; the election in November 2016.
    This corrupt and damaging Congress of the United States, as well as our current leader has been operating on thievery, injustice, lying, cheating and crooked behavior for so long that it seems it is their norm; standard operating procedure.
    It’s not right that all that we love as this United States of America is being tossed aside just to make a one-global universe that will not last …as “man” is never content. Once the formation of the Agenda 2030; that one-world corrupt dream, it will be harder to separate and become sovereign again or be a strong leader of the free world, and all other good that we have become.
    Thank you for working so hard to stop the socialism and communism, or any other “ism” that has taken us down the wrong path.

  2. I contributed. This is a movie that needs to be made therefore it must be made. I had the pleasure of interacting with Trevor during his speaking tour of North Carolina earlier this year (arranged three events for him). A wealth of knowledge, a fantastic speaker and all around great guy. Please contribute to this worthy venture as it will shake the Democratic Party to it’s core and hopefully wake up the no informed/low informed

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  4. Trevor Loudon reminds me of Fred Schwarz. Both left their homeland for a time to awaken the United States of America. During the Schwarz era we did listen; will we now is the question…David A. Noebel

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